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Compare yourself with others on the leaderboards

Both the iOS and Android Map My Tracks apps have been updated to feature leaderboards that showcase your performance against others.


The all-new Leaderboard features the total distance covered by you versus other users across each week and month, across all sport types. The Leaderboard is based on public activities only which means that everyone has control over what activities are included for all to see.

During the time that we have been building the leaderboard we have found them to be a great way to discover new users from around the work doing some amazing things.

At present ludoperegrinus tops the walking leaderboard due to the fact that he has been walking everyday for the past month on a journey across Northern Spain.

Likewise, Dezellis tops the cycling leaderboard for the past month largely due to riding a steady 55 miles everyday!

To start climbing the leader board make sure your activities are synced to the website and are made public.

We hope you enjoy the new leaderboards as much as we do.

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Seamlessly migrate from Google My Tracks to Map My Tracks

With the recent announcement that Google My Tracks is shutting down we thought it would be helpful to outline how users can easily migrate from Google My Tracks to Map My Tracks.

In short, it’s super simple to migrate from Google My Tracks data to Map My Tracks.

The simplest way is to take advantage of the personal email address given to any Map My Tracks users. Once set up simply email over any activity from Google My Tracks to your Map My Tracks email address.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1 - First create a free Map My Tracks account.

Step 2 - Get you Map My Tracks email address from Settings > Account Settings.

Step 3 - Export individual activities by email from Google My Tracks to your Map My Tracks email address.

That’s it. Each activity emailed over will be added to your Map My Tracks email account.

Once all the data is ported over it can be viewed within the Map My Tracks android app as well as online.

In addition to all the usual Google My Tracks features Map My Tracks also includes live tracking options, segments, photo sharing and online tools to examine every second of your activity.

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Automatically sync your Garmin Connect data with Map My Tracks

We love to share things which is why we have rolled out an option for you to connect your Map My Tracks with Garmin Connect.

If you are one of many who use some kind of Garmin device to record your rides or runs then you’ll love this new feature. You can now connect Map My Tracks to your Garmin Connect account so that each activity you upload there automatically makes its way to your Map My Tracks profile.

Due to the progressive lack of browser support for the old method of uploading from Garmin devices this is a neat alternative that fast tracks the data from Garmin to Map My Tracks.

It super simply to set up and once done you can forget about it until you wish to disconnect the two accounts.

Get started

To get started first open your Settings page on Map My Tracks. Then use the options to ‘Connect your Garmin’ and follow the process. Once that is done any new activity uploaded to Garmin will be synced back to Map My Tracks for you to use. It takes around 30 seconds for the sync to complete.

As ever, we’re looking forward to seeing how you all use the new feature. Hope you like it.

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Counting steps just got fun with Map My Tracks

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Step Counter and Calorie Tracker app from Map My Tracks. It's the latest app to the Map My Tracks family that makes it fun to count your daily steps and calorie burn.

Step Counter

Step Counter & Calorie Tracker, by Map My Tracks, is a pedometer and calorie tracker that automatically tracks your everyday steps, distance covered and calories burned.

Just carry your phone in your pocket or bag and it will count how many steps you have covered, how far you have walked, and the calories you have burned. It’s always on, with no battery loss, counting how many steps you cover each day.

Step Counter makes it easy to set daily goals to stay fit, active, and healthy. Friendly reminders help to keep you motivated to reach your daily step goals.


Unlock your full step and calorie history by connecting to the Health App. See how many goals you have met, over each day, week, month, or year, as well as a summary of all the calories burned and distance covered.


Step Counter & Calorie Tracker, by Map My Tracks, is compatible with any wearable device or app that shares data with the Health App.


Step Counter works in the background without affecting your phone’s battery. It uses the phone’s internal step-counting feature available in the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus.


Step Counter is available in nine langauages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian & Dutch.

Step counter

Download Step Counter & Calorie Tracker from the App Store

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Want to see all your photos in one place? Now you can.

It's been great to see the photos being added to activities on Map My Tracks. They have added some great context on the situation and surrounds in which the activities are done.

Photo gallery

To make it super simple to see all your photos we’ve rolled out a new feature that highlights all the photos tagged to activities in one handy list. It’s like a little time capsule reminding you of your workouts, events, or surroundings.

You can launch your photo gallery from the main menu or from your profile, training room or calendar. The photo gallery includes a full screen mode that lets you browse right back through your photos. You’ll also get a preview map showing the activity undertaken at the time.

Your photo gallery is available for others to browse. They will only see photos tagged to your public activities. You’ll see all your photos, including ones tagged to private activities.

We’ve been enjoying all the photos being uploaded. Next time, take a moment to capture that perfect shot,  upload it to Map My Tracks and share it with friends.

Enjoy the new feature.

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Dress up your event on Map My Tracks with photos

Hot on the heels of being able to add photos to activities on Map My Tracks we have now added photos to events.

If you have an event on Map My Tracks then you can now add official photos to show off the event in full. What’s even more useful is that when the photo has location data it gets pinned to the route map so your participants can see the climb they’ll face or the terrain they’ll cover.

It’s easy to add photos to an event. Open up your event in the Event Planner then upload as many photos as you need.

The photos appear on your event profile and are also available in full screen mode as a slide show.

They also appear on each route map page that shows their location on the map. For some added context a caption can be added to each photo that is uploaded.

Photos have made user’s activities really come alive and with this addition of photos to events it’s a great way to get the full flavour of the action.

We hope you like the new feature.

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Track live and make the most of your Revolve24 experience

If you're heading off to Revolve24 this weekend then your friends and family can follow your progress live during the event with Map My Tracks. Here's how.

For participants

Live GPS tracking is available to use at Revolve24 when you upgrade to Map My Tracks PLUS.

Use the Revolve24 discount code this month to receive 20% off a Map My Tracks PLUS subscription. You’ll receive the 20% discount, which normally costs $3/month or $29/year*, for as long as you are a subscriber. You can subscribe for as little as one month if that’s all you need. Once upgraded to PLUS, live tracking is available to use within any Map My Tracks app at any time.

Redeem the DISCOUNT CODE ‘R242015’ online at to benefit from a 20% discount.

Getting set up to track live is easy
1. Login to your Map My Tracks account
2.  Upgrade to PLUS
3.  Download the Map My Tracks app (iOS/Android)
4.  When on the circuit start an ‘Online public’ activity from within the Map My Tracks app

For friends, family and spectators

Download the official event app to follow the progress of anyone opting to track live. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

The event is also followed live on Map My Tracks

Need help?

Map My Tracks will be at the event across the weekend. Stop by our team garage along the pit lane and we’ll help get you started.


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Introducing Map My Tracks Photos

Sometimes the data from your ride, or run, just does not tell the full story which is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of Map My Tracks Photos.

Along with every activity you can now upload any number of photos to help tell the full story. Photos are great way to vividly share your view down the valley, the foul weather that you experienced, or the buddies that you were out with.

Photos appear alongside activities and can be viewed in full screen mode. As you might expect they also appear on your activity map when the photo has location data. There is no limit on the amount of photos you can add to an activity. Captions can also help to tell your followers even more, and if you mention other Map My Tracks users in your captions they’ll get notified.

You can get started today by uploading photos to individual activities. It’s super simple to upload photos in bulk on any activity but it’s also just as easy to upload images by email using your Map My Tracks dropbox email address. When you email in photos as attachments they will be scanned for a time stamp and assigned to the correct activity. It’s a great way to get started and back fill your activities with photos taken in the past.

There’s more on how to get started with uploading photos in the support centre. You can check out this activity to see photos in action.

We can’t wait to see where you venture outdoors.

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Tracking live in long distance events just got easier with Map My Tracks Endurance

Tracking live during long distance events can sometimes be a challenge if a phone's battery is not as healthy as it could be. That's where the Map My Tracks Endurance app comes in handy.

The all new Map My Tracks Endurance app for Android, now available to download from Google Play, has been reimagined, rebuilt and relaunched. It’s the perfect companion for any athlete tackling a long distance event that wants to share their progress live so friends and family can follow them.

Map My Tracks Endurance is been specifically designed to conserve the phone’s battery and provide live GPS tracking for well over 24 hours on a single charge. When used, it streams live GPS data back to Map My Tracks where friends and family can follow the progress. It’s designed as a location tracker rather than a performance tracker. That means that there are no bells and whistles - it trackers your location only. If you’re interested in performance tracking then the Map My Tracks OutFront provides fully data streaming of location, heart rate, speed, cadence, power, etc. However, Map My Tracks OutFront won’t stream live for 24 hours!

For now, Endurance is only available on Android but the iOS version is on its way.

Download it from Google Play and have fun using it at your next event.

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Tag people to your activities on Map My Tracks

We’ve added people tagging to any activity that’s uploaded to Map My Tracks.

Now, you can tag other people that were out with you. So if you were out on a group ride, you can tag other riders. If you did a parkrun on the weekend then you can tag other runners that were out with you. It a great way to share and discover new activities.

People can be tagged when you upload a file to Map My Tracks or when you upload direct from a Garmin device. For now, people can be only be tagged on the website. The mobile apps will be updated with this feature in a short while.

It’s also possible to tag people after an activity has been uploaded. If you use the Map My Tracks app first sync the activity online first then use the website to tag the people you want.

All activities have the option to tag people. You can tag yourself to someone else’s activity or tag your own activity with other people. The choice is yours.

We’re really excited to see how this feature develops. As ever, we are keen to get your feedback on this, or any other feature. Let us know what you think.


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