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Goals - set yourself a goal (or two)

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Map My Tracks Goals

Setting goals is a great way to keep yourself motivated and to help you achieve more. With that in mind we’ve recently focused our attention on making it easy to set a goal on Map My Tracks.

There are three types of goals that can be set. A distance goal, duration goal or activity goal. With each one you can select a specific sport, start/end and goal target.

Once a goal is set, you’ll get a breakdown of the daily, weekly or month target distance you need to cover in order to complete the goal on time. A countdown to the end date also helps keep you on track.

Goals are available to use by PLUS members and are only on website for now. The Map My Tracks app will have goals in the coming weeks.

You can access the goals section by clicking on your profile name in the main navigation, then Goals.
Goal nav

We hope you enjoy the new feature.