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Handy hints to get the most out of Map My Tracks

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We've put together some handy hints to help people get the most out of Map My Tracks.

Protect your privacy

Map My Tracks lets you create privacy zones around important places like your home or work. The size of the privacy zones can be adjusted to blanket a larger area and, if need be, multiple privacy zones can overlapped to fully obscure the area further. Users will see their own data in full while others will not be able to see the data inside the privacy zone.

Upload data and photos by email

Each user on Map My Tracks gets their own personalised email address that can be used to upload FIT, TCX, GPX and photo files. It’s a great way to upload activity data from third-party apps that allow you to export these types of files as attachments to emails. You can find you own personal Map My Tracks dropbox email address on the website at Settings > Account Settings.

Follow live

Anyone using Map My Tracks Live will appear on the app’s Activity Map. It’s a great way to follow the progress of others while they are out and about. Live tracking is a PLUS feature which is bundled in to the monthly subscription costing $3/month.

Heart rate and power zones

People with heart rate monitors or power metres can set custom zones that are displayed in the activity’s charts for detailed analysis. They also let you set your Threshold Power and Heart Rate.

Tagged activities

Each activity can be tagged to help organise your profile data. Each tag is then available as a Hub that showcases all the activities sharing that tag. Hubs organise the tagged data over defined periods so you can browser them by month, year or all time.


When activities are sycned or uploaded to the Map My Tracks website they get added to your personalised timeline that breaks down your data by day, week, month, year or all time. The timeline is great for reviewing your performance over time.

Sync activities with your calendar app

Map My Tracks let you sync your activities with your favourite calendar app. The personalised iCal feed can be set up to populate your calendar app with each activity you upload to Map My Tracks. To get your iCal link log into the website then browse to your own profile. The iCal link is at the bottom of the right hand side bar.

Live performance sharing

When tracking live with Map My Tracks all the available data is streamed live for others to follow. That includes location, heart rate, cadence, power, speed and elevation. Each data set is streamed live to the website and can be followed by others when logged in.

Connect to Garmin Connect

If you use Garmin Connect then you can connect your Map My Tracks with it. Once connected each activity uploaded to Garmin Connect will automatically get synced with Map My Tracks.


Each activity gets its own breakdown of key moments. Moments include weather conditions as well as the moment you were the fastest, the moment you were at the highest elevation, the moment when your heart rate was the fastest and more. Moments also include any photos that have been pinned to the activity.