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Share your Moments with a beautifully crafted video

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We're excited to announce the launch of Map My Tracks Moments videos.

Map My Tracks Moments is a great way to turn your bike rides, hikes or outdoor adventures into a personal story ready to share with others or to keep for yourself.

Map My Tracks Moments highlights where and when your key milestones were like elevation, speed, cadence, power, heart rate. It automatically compiles these into a beautiful video, and if you’ve taken the time to pin some photos to your activity then they get included in the video as well.

Map My Tracks Moments videos can be created from any activity on the website or in the Map My Tracks app. Each one is personalised with its own colour and size and can be recreated as many times as you like.

Share your Moments

We’ve made it super simple for each video to be downloaded or shared on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or Twitter.

To share a Moments video created from the website first open the activity, click on ‘Moments’ then ‘Create video’. Your video will be built in seconds and when it’s ready download the MP4 to your PC/Mac then upload it to Facebook or Twitter.

Map My Tracks Moments
Moments videos can be share from any app page that list activities. This includes History, Activity Feed and your Profile.  Tap on the ‘Play’ icon under each of the activities to open the Moments page. Tap on ‘Create Moments video’ and personalise your video. When it’s ready choose to share it or download a copy to your device.

Map My Tracks Moments videos can be created in nine different languages including Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese.

Right now Moments can be created on the Map My Tracks website and iOS app. Our Android app users will be able to create Moments later on this week.

We look forward to seeing your Moments videos.