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Bike, run, walk, sail or just heading out... keep track of it all with Map My Tracks

For millions of people around the world, Map My Tracks is an amazingly easy, fun & motivating way to keep track of your outdoor pursuits and keep fit in the process.

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About Map My Tracks

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Bike, run, walk, sail or just heading out... you can track it all live with Map My Tracks.

Map My Tracks OutFront
If you venture outdoors, love to ride, hike or just have fun staying active then Map My Tracks is made for you. Map My Tracks makes it easy to track your outdoor activities, gain insight on your performance and tell the whole story of your adventure with photos.

About us

Map My Tracks brings together people who enjoy the outdoors and have a passion for fitness.

Through the Map My Tracks website and app our community of users can share their outdoor pursuits with friends, monitor and analyse their performance like a pro.

With Map My Tracks you can:         

  • Track your progress over land, sea or air in real-time.
  • Allow friends, training partners, coaches, spectators or parents to follow your progress live
  • Explore the landscape around you with augmented reality.
  • Create beautifully crafted personalized videos of your outdoor adventures with Map My Tracks Moments.
  • Analyse your performance like a pro.
  • Challenge and compare with friends or locals.


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