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The Eddington score is now available on Map My Tracks

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We've added the Eddington score to profiles on Map My Tracks.

What’s the Eddington score I hear you say! It’s a neat number to illustrate the volume of long distance bike rides or runs a person does. It can equally be applied to other endurance sports.

The Eddington score is defined as the “maximum number E such that a cyclist has cycled E miles on E days”. For example, an Eddington score of 60 would imply that a cyclist has cycled at least 60 miles in a day on 60 occasions.

It’s a tough score to improve on. In the example given only rides over 60 miles would contribute to an increase in the score. So if your score is 70, only rides over 70 miles contribute to your score. It gets tougher and tougher!

Staying true to the original score created by Author Eddington we have kept all scores on Map My Tracks based on imperial distances, that is, miles in a day.

You’ll find your Eddington score on your public profile on Map My Tracks. It’s also available on the Map My Tracks app inside your profile Insights page. The app breaks down the score by each activity type you have undertaken, while the website is based on all your activities. It also give you a breakdown for the past 4 weeks, year and all time.

The website Head-to-Head also gives you an easy way to compare your score against others when logged into the website.

Eddington score

As it stands, my cycling Eddington score is 53 which means I’ve cycled at least 53 miles in a day on 53 different occasions. Room for improvement I think!

Eddington score

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