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What’s new in the latest Map My Tracks iOS and Android apps

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We have added some great new features in the latest version of the Map My Tracks apps for iOS and Android. These new features mean that you can now set goals directly in the Map My Tracks app, use your phone’s camera from within the app while you are tracking and share multiple photos in the social gallery.

Stay on track by setting your own goals

To stay motivated and to keep track of your progress, why not set yourself some goals? Map My Tracks‘ PLUS members can now set goals to achieve in terms of distance, duration and/or number of activities over a specific period directly from within the app. For example, you may want to cycle 500 miles during one year, walk for 10 hours during one month or swim three times per week.
Map My Tracks Goals

By using this feature, you can select the goal type (distance, duration or activities) for any sport over any period of time. You can set as many goals as you want and upcoming goals can be set for dates in the future. Previous goals can also be viewed.

Once a goal is set, you will see your target and your current performance. The target shows how much you need to do over the next day, week and month to achieve your goal. For instance, if you aimed to cycle 100 miles over one month, the target would be 3.1 miles per day and 20 miles per week. The performance information tells you how much you have already done towards your target in terms of daily, weekly and monthly performance. In addition, the bar summarises your progression by showing your total and the percentage achieved towards your goal.

You can quickly and easily set a goal in the Map My Tracks app or from the Map My Tracks website. To set a goal in the app, go to Goals > Set A Goal and then select the goal type (distance, duration or activities), the activity type (your chosen sport), the target, and the start and end date. Select save and start achieving your goals.

It is now easier to take and upload photos from within the app

As we know that you love to take photos of your activities, and other users love to see them, we have made it simpler for you to take, upload and share pictures in the Map My Tracks iOS and Android apps. With this new feature, it is easier to pin as many photos as you want to your activities.

All Map My Tracks’ users can utilise our new in-app camera to take and upload photos from directly within the Map My Tracks app. This free tool means that you no longer need to open your camera from outside of the Map My Tracks app or to pin or email photos separately (although you can still do this manually via the Map My Tracks website, if you wish).

All users can take photos directly from within the app while recording an activity. PLUS members can also take and sync photos when tracking live. In the Android app, just select the camera icon in the bottom right of the map. In the iOS app, simply select the camera icon in the top right of the map.
Map My Tracks photos

If you are recording your track (but not tracking live), your photos will be stored in your phone as normal. When you have finished tracking your activity, you can pin your photos to your activity by selecting the Add Photo icon in the bottom right of your map. Select Upload Photos and choose the photos that you want to pin.

You have the choice to keep your photos private or to share them publicly. Photos can be pinned to an activity at any time after it was recorded.

If you are tracking live, it is even simpler. When using the in-app camera, your photos are automatically uploaded and synced online in real time. This neat new feature means that anyone who is following your live tracks can immediately see your photos.

If your camera is location-enabled, your photos will be geocoded, which means that your photos will be shown on your track in the places that they were taken. In addition, for all users, it is easy to add captions or to delete photos.
Map My Tracks photo tag

Use this great new feature to share your adventures with others.

Share and view more of your photos in the social gallery

The social gallery has been enhanced so that you can share many photos instead of just one. If you have pinned more than one photo to an activity, you and other users can now swipe sideways to view multiple photos. You can also see the activity map that shows where the photos were taken. This improved feature is free to all users and it shows photos that are related to tracks that are made public.
Map My Tracks Social Gallery

Download the latest version of the app from the App Store and Google Play.