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Share notes and videos with your followers

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We're keen to make sure that our users have various ways to update their profile here on Map My Tracks and share their passion for their chosen sport. Activities have always been the focus of people's profile but starting today it's possible to add short notes and videos to your profile.

Notes are a great way to add short messages for yourself and your followers. Just like each public activity, notes are visible on your profile page and also on your followers home pages for them to comment on.

There’s no character limit on notes so feel free to write as much as you like. Basic HTML is supported to help add some formating to your posts if you need it.

Videos can be added from any service that lets you embed their videos. Each video added will appear in your public profile and also on your followers home page.

Both Notes and Videos are added from the ‘My Activities’ page. You can see how they look on my my profile.

We have more sharing options planned but for now we hope you enjoy adding notes and videos to your profile. Now let’s see some videos or notes!