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Introducing Teams on Map My Tracks

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We recognize that no everyone likes training on their own and that it's important to have the support of like-minded individuals around you when attempting your next challenge. That's way we have added Teams to Map My Tracks. Teams are an easy way to group together all the activities from people that share your interests and passion. They let you build your own community around the activities and topics you are passionate about.

You can start a team for just about anything you want. It might be to:

Although activities form the basis of a team it doesn’t stop there. Teammates can start discussions, add notes and videos to share their experiences with others.

So how does it work?

Creating a team is easy. Give your team a name and away you go. You can customize your team with a logo and link to external websites.


If you create the team you automatically become the team captain. This means that you authorize who is in your team. You’ll get email notifications when someone wishes to join the team.

Team activities

Once you become part of a team all of your activities will automatically be included in the team profile. Your teammates will be able to see how you’re getting on and comment on each activity. All of the activities from each teammate will be added to the team training room.


Along with the latest activities each team training room features a weekly tally of the activities stats including distances, calories, duration, activities done and a team calendar. For those that like to show off there’s also a leader board featuring the overall distances from each team member.

Notes, discussions and videos can be added by any teammate. These only ever appear within the Team training room and teammates are the only people who can contribute and comment on these.


Joining a team

If you’ve spotted a team that you want to join you can either be invited to join it by an existing team member or make a request to the team captain to join. Team captains must approve each member before they can participate in a team training room.

Team hubs

Every team training room comes with its own team hub on Map My Tracks. Teams Hubs showcase the activities carried out from each team members and include any live activities that are taking place. You can see the Team Sky pro cycling hub here.


It’s over to you

Teams are open and ready to use so go and start your first team. We have plenty more features planned for teams but do let us know what you’d like to see included in your team.