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Map My Tracks OutFront for iPhone is FREE to download in January

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OutFront iconWith 2011 now here the New Year brings with it some renewed optimism and desire to stay fit, healthy and active. To help kick start your 2011 fitness goals we are making our iPhone app OutFront free to download during January (normally $5.99). Whether you are into running, cycling, skiiing or walking OutFront will track your progress all the way and with live tracking also free you can share you latest activities with your friends while you are doing them.

OutFront is an all-sport GPS tracking iPhone app from Map My Tracks that measures how fast, how far, how many calories burned, where you went and analyses your performance mile by mile, second by second, stat by stat. It lets you track live to show your friends and family how you are getting on or how you’re doing in races.

Simple one tap to start

When you are ready OutFront will record your activity. Live if you want or simply for yourself.

Explore and discover new routes

It’s super simple to discover new nearby routes and activities by others on Map My Tracks.

Share your passion

OutFront lets you share activities the way you want to. Share it live with friends on Map My Tracks, post tweets when you start or stop an activity or simply update your status on Twitter and Facebook when you’re done with your activity. Not into sharing? That’s not a problem simply keep your activities private and you’ll be the only one to see them.

OutFront is available in five languages including English, French, Japanese, Polish and Portuguese.

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