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File upload improvements

In the latest round of updates to Map My Tracks we have focused on making it faster and easier to upload files.

We have completely reworked the file upload process to make sure that segment scanning no longer slows down the import process. Before the recent improvements the option to scan for segments made the import slow and the experience poor. Sorry about that.

Under the new file upload method the segment scanning has been decoupled from the import to let you move on quickly and view the activity details. Segment scanning will still take place in the background and any segments covered will appear on your activity with a short space of time.

This change affects the uploading of individual files and activities imported directly from Garmin devices.

As part of the improvements we have made is much easier to start giving your activities a title. Simple update the title on the activity preview page to set one.

Hope you enjoy using the new improvements.


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Introducing the all new Map My Tracks widget for Android

In the latest update to our Android app (v2.3) we have added the option to set a Map My Tracks widget on your phone's home screen.

Map My Tracks widget

The Map My Tracks widget is basically a remote control option to start, pause and stop tracking without the need to launch the app itself. It’s a one touch operation which makes it significantly easier to track every workout and activity session you do.

The widget works best if you have set the app with some default options like the main activity type or the tracking status.

To install the Map My Tracks widget make sure you have downloaded version 2.3 from Google Play.

As ever, we hope you like the update.

Meet your re-imagined timeline

Today sees the launch the Map My Tracks Timeline, a re-imagined way to review your activity history. It's a great way to look back in time to see how your current week, month or year compares with a previous one.

The Map My Tracks Timeline delves into your past history on Map My Tracks and includes every single activity that you have ever uploaded. It gives you an at-a-glance view for your achievements across each day, week, month or year and makes it easy to access any activity to drill down into the detail.

Map My Tracks timeline

The Timeline includes both public and private activities across any sport type that you have carried out. You can access the new Timeline section from the main menu or from within the Training Room or Calendar sections.

It was our intention to make the Map My Tracks Timeline a PLUS only feature but we like it so much we want everyone to be able to use it. We hope you find it as useful as we do.

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Meet the all new Map My Tracks app for iOS

With the release of Map My Tracks V4 for iOS comes support for Apple Health, Wahoo Fitness BTLE sensors, Wahoo Fitness RFLKT and host of other new features.

Map My Tracks for iOS

These new features make the Map My Tracks more flexible, much more integrated and whole lot more fun to use.

Apple Health
Once the Apple Health app is activated, you can share your Map My Tracks activities with it so other apps and services can be updated. Map My Tracks shares the activity time, distance and calories to Apple Health, which in turn might share the data to other apps you have authorised to access the data.

It’s also possible to now have Map My Tracks retrieve your weight from Apple Health so it can be used to calculate the calories burned across your activities. This ideal if you already use another app to monitor your weight. With Apple Health app synced to Map My Tracks you now don’t need to get involved in double entries - it just happens.

You’re in control of the data that is shared with Apple Health with is available on iOS 8 devices.

Wahoo Fitness BTLE
With the app now able to connect to Wahoo Fitness BTLE devices it opens the door to using more heart rate monitors with Map My Tracks. We have always had support to connect to ANT+ devices and now with BTLE included you can connect to Wahoo Fitness heart rate monitors and also the Wahoo Fitness RFLKT screen.

The RFLKT lets you see all your ride stats directly on your handlebars. Once paired with Map My Tracks each time you go out riding your performance stats are shown live on the RFLKT screen. These include elapsed time, distance, speed, pace, heart rate and cadence. Using the RFLKT control buttons you can toggle between data screens, pause or stop your activity, all without needing to get your phone out of your pocket.

Map My Tracks PLUS
Map My Tracks v4 for iOS now also lets you subscribe to Map My Tracks PLUS. When you subscribe to Map My Tracks PLUS from within the app all the pro app features are unlocked together with all the premium website features. It gives you access to everything across both the app and the website under one subscription.

Likewise, everyone that has signed up to PLUS on the website can now use all the pro app features as part of the subscription. So if you are a website PLUS member you can use the free app and have all the pro features unlocked and available to use. These include live tracking, advanced data analysis with charts and it’s all ad-free.

What else?
We’ve included some general improvements:

  • Color coded activities
  • Speed improvements

As ever, lets us know how you get on with the updates.

Map My Tracks - available on iTunes

People you might like to follow

Working out on your own can sometimes be a challenge. It's often better to have the company of others or be encouraged by friends to help stay motivated. With that in mind we have rolled out a new feature that offers up some suggestions on who to follow on Map My Tracks.

The suggestions are based on where you might do your own workouts, the segments you cover and also on people you already follow. We have designed the suggestions so that it’s easy to follow other people on Map My Tracks that can help keep you motivated, stay fit, and active.

You’ll find the suggested list of people when you are logged into Map My Tracks and viewing your home page.

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Hide sensitive locations with privacy zones

Although it is not recommended, you may wish to start tracking from work or from home. To prevent any security ramifications, you can now set up privacy zones to hide these sensitive locations from appearing on your activity maps.

Your activity within a privacy zone is hidden from other users and only displayed to you. These zones will apply to all types of activities (e.g. cycling, running, walking).

The privacy zones apply across a number of features across Map My Tracks. For example, if another user:

  • Views your specific activity page
  • Downloads your route as a GPX, KML or CSV file
  • Places your route as an embed on their own website
  • Navigates to your area on the Explore Hub
  • Utilizes Map My Tracks API to retrieve routes

After an new activity is completed, a static map is generated. This static map will appear in lists of activities and will take into account any privacy zones you have created.

What other users see
What you see

Don’t forget - you can always set your activity to private to hide the entire route!

Creating a privacy zone
Once logged in, you can create a privacy zone via the privacy page in your settings.

A privacy zone requires the following details:

  • A name for your privacy zone (e.g. Work)
  • A radius size for your zone (500m, 1000m or 1500m)
  • A location for your privacy zone - this is determined by dragging the zone to the desire position on the map. (To save time, you can allow your browser to locate your current location, otherwise you last tracked location will be used)

Note - it is advised you don’t position the centre of the zone exactly on the sensitive location, for example, your house. (This prevents people from calculating the centre point where numerous routes appear blocked)

Managing privacy zones
You can view your current privacy zones on the privacy page in your settings. From here you can create more privacy zones or delete current zones, should you deem them unnecessary.

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Tell the whole story with segment comments

Often the headline figures on segments don't tell the whole story. That's why we have introduced comments on segments. There is always a story behind every attempt on a segment and with segment comments you can get your story heard.

Some segments are on great climbs that make you suffer. Others may be on your regular routes. Each attempt has its own story (or excuse). Now your can tell it.

Every segment now has commenting available for Map My Tracks users. It’s a great way to get in touch with other riders covering the segment. Just like commenting around the site you can use the @name format to send mentions to other users. When you mention a user they will get a notification with an invite to get right back to you.

You can check out all the segments you have covered and also see how you stack up against others on, the recently launched, personal records page.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say on the segments you have covered.

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Get the low down on all the segments you have covered

Ever wondered how you stack up against others across all the segments you have covered? Well, now it super simple to see which segments you lead and where you are place on any others you have covered.

The segment PR log breaks down the details of any segment you have covered and highlights your current position on the segment leader board. It’s makes it easy to see how close (or not) you are from the leader on any segment.

Segment personal records

We’re loving the personal records list as it shows just how far off you might be on any segment you have covered. Some might just be within reach of the leader or you might not! Check out your PRs and see how you stack up against others.

We hope you also like the new features.

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Leaderboards for clubs just got serious

Today we're thrilled to be releasing a significant update for teams and clubs on Map My Tracks. From today, both the Hub and Segment leader board can be filter by teams. If you belong to a team, or club, it's super simple to see how you stack up against just your club members.

A club hub features a hall of fame leader board showcasing who has completed the most distance or elevation in any given period. The segment’s leader board for clubs features a breakdown of only club members over that segment, on any given period. It’s a great way to answer the question of who was fastest up the climb or on the sprint on a weekend club run.

Using the new club filter is simple. When you are logged in both hubs and segments include a option to filter by any club you belong to. If you don’t belong to a club yet then request to join one or set one up yourself.

We hope you like the new options. Let us know what you think.

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Compete against yourself, your friends and others on Map My Tracks segments

We are super excited to be able to peel back the covers on another new feature on Map My Tracks. Today we are launching Map My Tracks segments. Segments let you measure and compare your own performance or compete against your friends over any stretch of ground. Segments can be thought of as virtual speed traps that measure the time taken to cover them. Any time you cover a segment your performance is ranked against your previous efforts and also against anyone else that has covered it. Map My Tracks segments

Segments are timed sections on roads, off-road or over water and are great for sports like cycling, running, swimming, rowing, sailing and many others. They provide an easy way to time your progress over a set route and compare your performance against others.

One of the great features of Map My Tracks segments is that they can be used to cover simple short sections like sprints and climbs or long complex courses like time trial courses or regular training routes. In both cases a full leader board of everyone’s performance it automatically created to compare your performance.

Segments come with their own set of achievements. Achievements are gained for personal bests, pole positions for both men and women across different sports. Each time you cover a segment your relative position in the leader board is measured and ranked. At a glance, you can see how you performed against your own previous efforts and everyone else who has covered the segment.

It wouldn’t be fair to compare a running activity against a cycling activity across a segment so the leader boards are split across different sports. Each leader board also ranks your performance against just your friends. It’s a great way to help keep you motivated to try harder.

Some already popular segments include:
Knoll Hill
Upper Road, Dover
New Dover Road, Canterbury
Fowlmead 10m Q10/42

How to create a segment
Segments are created from activities that have route data. New segments are easy to create.

  • First open the activity that includes the segment you wish to create.
  • Click on Actions > Create new segment to load the create segment tools.
  • Zoom into the area that includes the segment then click on the position along the route that represents the start point of the segment.
  • Once a segment start has been set then set the segment finish point.
  • Give the segment a useful name to help identify it and click ‘Save’.

This creates the segment and scans the activity to populate the leader board.

How to scan old activities
Activities are scanned for segments when they are first uploaded or synced to the site. If you want to scan old activities then:

  • First open the activity to scan.
  • Click on Actions > Scan for segments.
  • This will scan the activity for any segments, including new segments, available along the route taken. All matching segments will be presented under the Achievements section on the page with links to the segment leader board.

How can you use Map My Tracks segments

Cycling time trials
Map My Tracks segment are great for time trials. A virtual leader board for the time trial course is automatically created and features anyone that has covered the course.  Simply create a segment of the time trial course then any time Map My Tracks users upload their ride data it will be automatically ranked on a leader board for all time, this month, week or day. The Fowlmead 10m Q10/42 has been set up and is logging the performance of anyone on Map My Tracks that covers the course.

Cycling and running hill climbs and sprints
Map My Tracks segments making timing your progress up a climb or on a sprint section super simple. Create segments of key climbs and sprints along training routes to keep a record of your performance and compare against friends.
View example

Regular training routes for all sports
Map My Tracks segments can be used over long distance training routes. A segment of your whole route lets you keep a leader board of your own performance over that route. It’s a great way to benchmark your performance over time.

Map My Tracks segments make is simple to monitor the performance of rowers across any stretch of water. Segments can be created for training sessions on rivers or lakes. Each time the data from the training session is uploaded the performance is added to the rowing segment’s leader board.

There are plenty of other uses for Map My Tracks segment but we’ll leave it up to you, our users, to take advantage of them as you need to.

Tips for successful segments
Segments are a great way to keep motivated and try to improve your performance. In providing segments Map My Tracks does not endorse or encourage irresponsible action on the part of our users. Map My Tracks users should obey all traffic controls and signage, comply with all applicable traffic laws and not endanger themselves or other road users.

When creating segments:

  • Do not create segments with busy junctions.
  • Do not create segments in built up areas with lots of traffic calming.

We can’t wait to see how you use the Map My Tracks segments and hope you like the new feature.

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