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Trim tool for activities

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Map My Tracks trim activity

Have you ever forgotten to stop tracking after finishing an activity then jump in the car and track all the way home? It happens.

To help fix the activity data we have added new tool that can trim off any unwanted data at the start or end of an activity. It’s super easy to use and very, very useful.

To trim an activity, first open it on the website then click ‘Actions’. There is now a ‘Trim activity’ option. Open the Trim Activity page then click on the elevation chart to set the new start and end points of the activity.

There’s a fine tune option to accurately nudge the start, and end, positions before trimming the unwanted data. Please keep in mind, once the data has been trimmed there is no undo option. The discarded data is permanently deleted.

It’s a small, but very handy, addition to the site that helps to keep your data as accurate as possible.

We hope you like the update.