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Map My Tracks global activity

The global reach of Map My Tracks never ceases to amaze us. We are always thrilled to see that we have users all around the world.

To help illustrate this we’ve developed a simple map that showcases all the incoming data, in real-time, on Map My Tracks.

It’s fascinating to see how the incoming data moves across the world from east to west during the day. As Australia is going to bed there tends to be more activity in America as they wake up and start their day.

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Take control of the notifications you send and receive

Being connected to friends on Map My Tracks is a great way to stay motivated and keep active.

Once you’re connected to friends Map My Tracks will keep you up-to-date with their activity by sending you various notifications. While notifications are a perfect way to stay in touch you may not want to receive all of them.

Now, you have full control over what notification you send and receive. You can choose what notifications you prefer to receive from your friends and also decide what notifications you send to your friends on Map My Tracks.

You can review, and make changes to, your notifications settings in your Account preferences.

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Privacy zone enhancements for added security

Privacy zones

We take our responsibility to protect our users’ privacy very seriously. So much so that none of the default settings on Map My Tracks force users to make their activity public. The starting point for every user is to keep everything private and only make it public if they choose to do so.

That said, when users do choose to make their activity public it’s important that the privacy zone tools we provide do their job to mask their data.

Through research undertaken by the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign into fitness tracking social networks like Map My Tracks they uncovered some problems with our initial implementation of privacy zones. We were provided with the details of the issue on February 22, 2018 by Hussain et al. who established an algorithm to deduce the place of interest within a privacy zone.

Their research included recommendations to further secure users’ data within a privacy zone to mitigate the risk of exposing the place of interest. Their recommendations, and a further set of our own, were implemented on February 23, 2018 and applied to new and established privacy zones.

We would encourage all our users to set up Privacy Zones over their home or place of work if they choose to make their activity public. Go to Settings > Privacy to set up as many as needed.

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Our biggest iOS update this year

Map My Tracks V5 iOS

Map My Tracks has always been about tracking your rides, runs, hikes, outdoor activities and adventures. Over the past year we have steadily added more ways for you to be able to tell the whole story around your outdoor activities. Photos, goals and now in the latest update of the iOS app we’ve added augmented reality.

With all these new features available it was time to give the app a refresh to make it easier to get the most out of Map My Tracks - so welcome to version 5 of the Map My Tracks iOS app.

In this update you get a clean crisp dashboard, easy access to set goals, browse the Social Gallery and explore the landscape around you with augmented reality.

Augmented reality

If you have a compatible phone* your can explore the landscape around your when you are out on your next adventure. If you have ever wondered what mountain peak was on the horizon, or what town was down the road, or where your friends are then you’ll love this feature. To discover what’s nearby first open the Activity Map then tap on the AR globe in the top corner. You’ll see nearby peaks, places and anyone that is tracking live - all in the landscape around you.

New dashboard

The new dashboard has a familiar but cleaner feel. It still shows off all your activity history across today, this week, month, year and all time. We’ve added a tab bar to launch into some of the most used sections of the app like the Social Gallery, your friends activities, goals and your own profile.


Who doesn’t like a goal? You can challenge yourself to complete a distance goals, or a duration-based goal. With the New Year just on the horizon it’s a great time to set your 2018 goals and monitor their progress on Map My Tracks.

Connect to Fitbit and Garmin Connect

If you’re a user of either Garmin Connect or Fitbit then it’s now possible to connect these accounts to Map My Tracks. Once connected any activities added to either Garmin Connect or Fitbit will be synced to your Map My Tracks accounts. It’s a great way to keep everything all in one place.

Map My Tracks v5 for iOS is now available to download from the App Store. The Android update is due out in a week or so.

We hope you like the update and enjoy exploring the landscape around you with augmented reality powered by Map My Tracks.

*Augmented reality compatible phones include the following that run iOS 11: iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 8/8 Plus.

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Trim tool for activities

Map My Tracks trim activity

Have you ever forgotten to stop tracking after finishing an activity then jump in the car and track all the way home? It happens.

To help fix the activity data we have added new tool that can trim off any unwanted data at the start or end of an activity. It’s super easy to use and very, very useful.

To trim an activity, first open it on the website then click ‘Actions’. There is now a ‘Trim activity’ option. Open the Trim Activity page then click on the elevation chart to set the new start and end points of the activity.

There’s a fine tune option to accurately nudge the start, and end, positions before trimming the unwanted data. Please keep in mind, once the data has been trimmed there is no undo option. The discarded data is permanently deleted.

It’s a small, but very handy, addition to the site that helps to keep your data as accurate as possible.

We hope you like the update.

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Goals - set yourself a goal (or two)

Map My Tracks Goals

Setting goals is a great way to keep yourself motivated and to help you achieve more. With that in mind we’ve recently focused our attention on making it easy to set a goal on Map My Tracks.

There are three types of goals that can be set. A distance goal, duration goal or activity goal. With each one you can select a specific sport, start/end and goal target.

Once a goal is set, you’ll get a breakdown of the daily, weekly or month target distance you need to cover in order to complete the goal on time. A countdown to the end date also helps keep you on track.

Goals are available to use by PLUS members and are only on website for now. The Map My Tracks app will have goals in the coming weeks.

You can access the goals section by clicking on your profile name in the main navigation, then Goals.
Goal nav

We hope you enjoy the new feature.

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Share your Moments with a beautifully crafted video

We're excited to announce the launch of Map My Tracks Moments videos.

Map My Tracks Moments is a great way to turn your bike rides, hikes or outdoor adventures into a personal story ready to share with others or to keep for yourself.

Map My Tracks Moments highlights where and when your key milestones were like elevation, speed, cadence, power, heart rate. It automatically compiles these into a beautiful video, and if you’ve taken the time to pin some photos to your activity then they get included in the video as well.

Map My Tracks Moments videos can be created from any activity on the website or in the Map My Tracks app. Each one is personalised with its own colour and size and can be recreated as many times as you like.

Share your Moments

We’ve made it super simple for each video to be downloaded or shared on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or Twitter.

To share a Moments video created from the website first open the activity, click on ‘Moments’ then ‘Create video’. Your video will be built in seconds and when it’s ready download the MP4 to your PC/Mac then upload it to Facebook or Twitter.

Map My Tracks Moments
Moments videos can be share from any app page that list activities. This includes History, Activity Feed and your Profile.  Tap on the ‘Play’ icon under each of the activities to open the Moments page. Tap on ‘Create Moments video’ and personalise your video. When it’s ready choose to share it or download a copy to your device.

Map My Tracks Moments videos can be created in nine different languages including Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese.

Right now Moments can be created on the Map My Tracks website and iOS app. Our Android app users will be able to create Moments later on this week.

We look forward to seeing your Moments videos.


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Map My Track apps for clubs

We've been working with our local cycling club, Canterbury Bicycle Club, to develop an app for its club members to can use in conjunction with Map My Tracks.


The Map My Tracks club app integrates with the Map My Track Event planner so events and club rides get featured in the app. This means that a club can publish their group rides and have them listed in the app. Users of the app get all the details of the rides including route maps, file download, live tracking.

The app comes packed full of other features to help club members stay up to date. News, photos and social buzz all get included in the app so everyone stays connected and up to date with club activity. The leaderboard also provides some friendly competition throughout the year.

The social map features club members out riding using Map My Tracks’ live tracking. It’s a great way to keep tabs on riders are when out training or on a club ride.

The Canterbury Bicycle Club app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Does your club want an app?

We’re looking for other clubs to work with to develop the app further. We’re interested in hearing for clubs that have regular club events, rides or runs.  If you think your club would be a good fit for this then get in touch.


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The Eddington score is now available on Map My Tracks

We've added the Eddington score to profiles on Map My Tracks.

What’s the Eddington score I hear you say! It’s a neat number to illustrate the volume of long distance bike rides or runs a person does. It can equally be applied to other endurance sports.

The Eddington score is defined as the “maximum number E such that a cyclist has cycled E miles on E days”. For example, an Eddington score of 60 would imply that a cyclist has cycled at least 60 miles in a day on 60 occasions.

It’s a tough score to improve on. In the example given only rides over 60 miles would contribute to an increase in the score. So if your score is 70, only rides over 70 miles contribute to your score. It gets tougher and tougher!

Staying true to the original score created by Author Eddington we have kept all scores on Map My Tracks based on imperial distances, that is, miles in a day.

You’ll find your Eddington score on your public profile on Map My Tracks. It’s also available on the Map My Tracks app inside your profile Insights page. The app breaks down the score by each activity type you have undertaken, while the website is based on all your activities. It also give you a breakdown for the past 4 weeks, year and all time.

The website Head-to-Head also gives you an easy way to compare your score against others when logged into the website.

Eddington score

As it stands, my cycling Eddington score is 53 which means I’ve cycled at least 53 miles in a day on 53 different occasions. Room for improvement I think!

Eddington score

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Easily duplicate events

It's now a breeze to duplicate events on Map My Tracks.

This new feature is great if you organise similar events that happen regularly. It’s perfect for clubs that organise weekly rides/runs or if you are a charity putting on an annual fundraising event.

It’s a feature that has been asked for by event organisers so we are pleased to see if finally go live.  It makes managing events on Map My Tracks even quicker than before.

To duplicate an event is simple. First open up the event in the Event Planner. Then click on the Duplicate tab. From there you can set a new title for the event and also set a new start date. That’s it.

The duplication process will copy across everything about the event but leave out who attended or followed it. Once the new event has been created you can edit it as normal to personalise it for the new date.

Using this along side the new Upcoming embed option means that you can easily manage regular events on Map My Tracks and display them on your own website.

As ever, we hope you enjoy the new feature. Keep the suggestions coming as we really do try to work on all of them.

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