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2017 - a year in review on Map My Tracks

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Review of 2017

As we approach the end the year we take a look back on what’s been happening on Map My Tracks in 2017.

It’s been a busy year for us - and you. Across 2017 a total of 6,500,000km have been covered by Map My Tracks users. That’s 162 times around the world. You have been busy with it too, every minute a new activity is uploaded from users around the world.

During that time we have also been busy on your behalf updating the app and website to make Map My Tracks better and better. Aside for the multitude of mini updates across the year the more notable new features are Photos, Moments, Goals and some exciting work with Augmented Reality.


Outdoor activities are not just about how far or how fast you went, it’s also about the memories you make which is why we have gone all in with photos in 2017. The Map My Tracks app was updated to include options to take photos and pin photos to your activities.

That, in turn, fuelled the work on the Social Gallery that helps to show off all the great places that people visit.

Moments & Moments Videos

Each activity uploaded to Map My Tracks has its key moments highlighted. Top speed, highest elevation, max. heart rate, segments covered, and more, are highlighted on the activity timeline.

We also added an option to create a beautifully crafted video of your Moments to share with others. Every activity uploaded to Map My Tracks can be turned into a video that includes photos, stats and route details - all ready to download, keep or share on social networks.


Who doesn’t like a goal? Goals were added in 2017 to let you challenge yourself. Goals can be set for any sport by distance, duration or activity. A detailed breakdown of your performance helps to keep you on track and achieve your goal.

Connect to other services

With different wearable devices being used across different sports it’s helpful to be able to consolidate the data in one place. We’ve added options to automatically sync data to Map My Tracks from Garmin Connect and Fitbit. More services will follow in 2018.

Augmented Reality

If you use a compatible iOS phone you can now explore the landscape around you with Augmented Reality. Nearby mountain peaks, towns and other Map My Tracks users tracking live are all highlighted in the landscape. This is just the start. We’re really excited with the possibilities that Augmented Reality brings and 2018 will see more AR updates that make it even more useful.

We hope you have enjoyed the updates throughout the year. A lot of the features added have come from suggesttions from the Map My Tracks community. We want you to get the most out of Map My Tracks in 2018 so if you have an idea for a feature then get in touch to tell us about it.

Roll on 2018.