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Add your upcoming events to your own website

We've added an option to embed your upcoming events on your own website or blog. It's a handy feature for any event organisers with lots of events.

All upcoming events are listed in date order making it a great addition to your own event pages.

Here’s an example of the events on Map My Tracks published by us.

It’s easy to set up. Lists are embedded on your site via an iframe. If that doesn’t mean anything to you then send the embed code over to your web developer and they will be able to add it to your site. It takes just minutes to set up.

Your own embed code can be found when you log into the Event Planner.

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Map My Tracks extends sponsorship of Canterbury Bicycle Club

If you are a member of Canterbury Bicycle Club then you are in luck. As part of Map My Tracks' sponsorship of the club we are pleased to announce that all members can now benefit from a free app upgrade to PLUS.

This means that all Canterbury Bicycle Club member are entitled to use the app’s PLUS features which include live tracking, options to connect with external sensors and a detailed breakdown of any activity data.

One of the main PLUS benefits is access to track live during club rides or events. When you opt to tracking live, your progress will appear on the app’s Activity Map for others to follow. It’s a great way to see where other club members are when out on a ride.

If you are Canterbury Bicycle Club member then here’s how you take advantage of the offer.

Once the club administrator has accepted your request to join the club on Map My Tracks then the next time you open the app all the PLUS features will be unlocked and available to use.

This offer is open to Canterbury Bicycle Club members only so make sure your subscription is up to date. Other club members already on Map My Tracks can be found on the club members list.

Useful links

iOS app download
Android app download
CBC club profile

Need help?

If you need any help getting started with live tracking then give Nick a tap on the shoulder at the next club ride and he will be able get you started.

Other ways to use Map My Tracks

If you ride with a Garmin device then you can set up an automatic sync between Garmin Connect and Map My Tracks. Once that is set up each ride you upload to Garmin Connect will be synced to Map My Tracks.



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We are celebrating 1,000,000 amazing people

We can't believe it. This month, Map My Tracks has received its 1,000,000th registered user. That is a lot of amazing people that we have to thank.

Map My Tracks one million users

We thank each and every one of the million users for taking the time to try out the service. We thank you all for your support throughout the years to make Map My Tracks what it is today.

Back in 2007, we had a dream of creating a community based on the love of the outdoors. Its foundation was around using mobile phones to track your outdoor activities in real time for others to follow live. Back then, pre-iPhone/Android, we relied on some, now classic, Nokia phones to bridge to external GPS devices via Bluetooth. How we have come on!

Since that time, Map My Tracks has grown to be a thriving community of worldwide users who all share a passion for the outdoors. For the data-minded among us, we have put together a breakdown of the Map My Tracks ecosystem which goes to show that you are all stars.

We are always amazed at the variety of activities uploaded to Map My Tracks. Now, nearly 40% of all activities on Map My Tracks are tracked live from all corners of the world.

On a more personal note, I can’t thank the team behind Map My Tracks enough. We are a small team of three that punch well above our weight. We have a passion to exploit technology to make people’s lives more enjoyable. That, and our one million users, is what drives Map My Tracks forward each day.

So what’s next?
The Map My Tracks road map is always evolving. In the short term, there will be some notable updates to the Map My Tracks app. In the medium term, we plan to integrate Fitbit with Map My Tracks to sync data between the two services. In the long term, we plan to make Map My Tracks the home for another one million users.

Again, a million thanks to our amazing one million users.

Map My Tracks founder

Map My Tracks infographic

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Segment leaderboards now include weather conditions

Segments are a great way to measure your performance over short stretches of a ride, run or walk but up until now the segment leaderboards have not been telling the whole story.

With today’s update all segment leaderboards include the weather conditions experienced during an activity and, mostly importantly, how the wind direction affected it. This makes is super simple to see if the leaderboard if full of tailwind efforts or if a headwind has slowed down your performance.

Segment weather conditions

Each activity is now attributed with headwind, head crosswind, crosswind, tail crosswind or tailwind classification. It also include the wind speed, direction and temperature experienced during the activity. See it in action here and here.

It’s the second weather related update this week which we hope you like. If you’d like to create segments from your own activities then they are easy to set up. Here’s how.

Have fun.

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Better understand your performance with weather data

We've all been there when there was a block headwind slowing you down or a tailwind pushing you along. Now with each new activity uploaded to Map My Tracks you got a record of the weather conditions experienced.

Weather data for each activity

Wind speed/direction, temperature, humidity and conditions are all now available to review for each activity. With the new weather data you can compare performance across difference conditions to see the effect it makes.

It’s a small but handy addition which we hope you enjoy.

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See the benefit of your everyday steps

The Map My Tracks Step Counter app has been updated with an improved layout to better show off your everyday steps.

Step Counter

This update, now available to download from the App Store, includes a new breakdown that shows off your distance covered, calories burned and goals over each day, week, month and year.

Version 3 of the Step Counter also includes some new characters to choose from. Along with the original family of characters there is now a ghost and robot to help count your steps.

The Map My Tracks step Counter & Calorie Tracker, by Map My Tracks, is a pedometer and calorie tracker that automatically tracks your everyday steps, distance covered and calories burned.

Just carry your phone in your pocket or bag and it will count how many steps you have covered, how far you have walked, and the calories you have burned. It’s always on, with no battery loss, counting how many steps you cover each day.

This update can be downloaded from the App Store now.

Step Counter

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Super charged Map My Tracks Moments highlight more key stats from each activity

Map My Tracks Moments now highlight even more key moments from any activity. Map My Tracks Moments were launched a little while ago but they have recently benefited from an upgrade that helps to tell the full story.

Map My Tracks Moments
Key moments highlighted in any activity include the moment you hit your top speed, the moment you gained the highest elevation, the moment you completed a segment, the moment you hit your maximum heart rate, and the moment you took any picture. Moments also include comments from friends, likes and overall stats.

While we have been testing this we have been enjoying how Moments present activity data in a way that makes it easy to tell what has happened. Moments are presented in a timeline which makes it easy to see the progress throughout any activity.

TT timeline

Moments can highlight your performance in a race. RodArchibald’s 10 mile time trial perfectly demonstrates all his moments. Our very own Nick and his walk showcases the photos that have been pinned to the activity and as they have GPS data the moment location is also featured.

As ever, we hope you enjoy the new upgrade. Let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

Your guide to tracking live at events

We have put together this handy guide to help the thousands of riders and runners attending events this summer. This guide will tell you how to get set up to track live so friends and family can follow your progress and also how others can follow your progress.

Your guide to tracking live at events

Step 1

If there is an official event set up on Map My Tracks, and you are participating, then click on the ‘Attend’ button on the event page. If there is no official event then either create one yourself or skip to Step 2 By declaring that you are attending the event, your progress on the day will be shown on the event maps.

Step 2

Download one of the Map My Tracks apps to your iPhone or Android mobile phone. There are two apps to choose from.

Map My Tracks Endurance is a long distance live tracking app. It’s great to track live for well over 12 hours. It’s a super simple app that is designed to only update your location so that others can follow your progress live.

Map My Tracks OutFront is a performace tracking app that is best suited for live tracking for up to 3-4 hours. OutFront measures your performance including speed, distance, heart rate and much more.

Both are available for iOS and Android phones.

Step 3

On the day of the event, launch the app you’ve opted for and start tracking live. If you are using OutFront you need to set the status to ‘Online public’. If you are using Endurance that you need to ensure it’s set to ‘Visible to everyone’. Once you have started tracking you can pocket the phone and get on with your event.

Friends and family can follow live on the day

On the day of the event, there are a few ways that friends and family can follow people’s progress.

If there is an official event on Map My Tracks then you can follow their progress on event maps on the Map My Tracks website. If there is no event then an individual’s progress can be followed on their Map My Tracks profile page on the website.

Our OutFront app also lets friends and family follow user’s live. It’s the best way to follow other people’s progress. Open the app and either use the Activity Map to see who is tracking live or search and open a user’s profile page to follow their progress.

Friends and family can follow people’s progress free of charge through the app or website.

If in doubt on how to get set up get in touch with us on TwitterFacebook or our support channels.

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Live stream your group rides or runs on Map My Tracks

Map My Tracks has always been about live tracking. Our apps can be used to let friends and family follow people's progress live around the world.

Live stream your activities

With the recent update to our iOS and Android apps it is now possible to follow groups of people on the Activity Map. This is makes it a perfect match for club bike rides, or when friends are out on a ride or run together, so that everyone can follow each other’s progress.

The Activity Map features anyone that is tracking live and also shows the last know location of other nearby friends using Map My Tracks. So now if you get split up you can use the Activity Map to help find each other again.

Just like any other activity on Map My Tracks, the Activity Map observes people’s privacy zones so if you pass through, or finish up, within a privacy zone the Activity Map will not show your location. If you have not yet set up Privacy Zones then you can do so within Settings on the Map My Tracks website.

As well as the Activity Map, the recent update also includes a Friends Map that shows only the details of people you follow on Map My Tracks. Just like the Activity Map it follows friends if they are tracking live. Finally, the recent update also include a Profile Map that features a cluster of markers that showcase a person’s public activities on Map My Tracks. In all cases, the maps only feature public activities which gives each person control over what information is shared.

Both the iOS and Android apps have been updated with these new features. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

We’re looking forward to seeing how everyone uses these new features.

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