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Map My Tracks OutFront 2.0 is here

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We listen to the feedback, peeled back the layers of OutFront and put it all back together as the all new Map My Tracks OutFront 2.0 for iPhone.

Map My Tracks OutFront 2.0 is true multi-sport high performance GPS computer that’s the perfect companion to use on bike rides, runs or walks as well as just about any other outdoor pursuit. OutFront 2.0 includes all the great features from the original app along with some major improvements and new features to help keep you motivated to get outdoors and keep fit.

The all new Map My Tracks OutFront 2.0 lets you:

Download the app

Map My Tracks OutFront 2.0 is now available to download from the App Store and there is a try-before-you-buy free app to give a go as well. The free version is limited to saving only one activity at at time and carries adverts so if you need to record more activities the the pro app will serve you best.

Help, support and feedback

Behind the scenes the Map My Tracks team has been working hard on this version to make sure that it reflects how you use Map My Tracks and that it provides you with all the features you’ve been asking for. There’s more work to do but with this version we have the platform for build some great new tools with. This app is the result of the comments, feedback and support from the Map My Tracks community and we thank you all for letting us know what’s important to you. Your help has been invaluable and we can’t wait to hear what you think and see all your activities. Keep the comments flowing and we’ll do our best to develop the app even further.

If you experience any problems contact us by email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or on the forums where the community can also help.

Feature review

Track you rides, runs or walks
Clear, concise stats of your current activity as well as a grand total of your effort with a log of all the activities carried out and recorded. Speed, pace, calories, heart rate, distance and much more give you all the stats you need to measure your performance and progress.

Review and analyse activity data
A detailed breakdown of your activity lets you analyse and review how you got on. The activity replay provides second by second stats of your activity to better judge your effort.

View charts and 3D maps of routes
Charts of the route profile, heart rate and speed provide more information to compare how you got on. When watching live activities by other Map My Tracks the 3D map mode give a sense of what they are doing along with live telemetry including their current speed, distance and the elevation they are covering.

Comment, share and like activities
Read and comment on your friend’s activities and help keep them motivated and if you don’t feel like commented then tap the like button to show that you’re impressed. Facebook and Twitter sharing, along with email exporting, let you keep your social networks up to date with your activities. Auto tweets when starting and stopping an activity let you broadcast your activity live on Twitter for your friends to follow as you’re out and about.

Browse and follow friends activities
Start following your friend’s activities and have them display on your Home Wall so you don’t miss out on any action. Public profiles showcase your activities along with who’s following you and who you are following. The Activity Wall can be configured to show streams of activities by type, user, location, tag or all of the latest activities.  The Activity Wall is kept in sync with your website profile so if you add a stream on your phone you’ll find it in your online Explore Wall as well.