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Team training rooms

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Hot on the heals of introducing personal training rooms comes the release of team training rooms. What's the difference? Well, the team training room features the public activities from all team members along with a breakdown of each one.

Just like a personal training rooms the team rooms provide a breakdown of each activity with distance, pace, calories, duration and activity type from all team members. It’s easy to see who’s working well and what sort of activities they are doing. All in one place.

As with all training rooms you can browse the activities by activity type across this month, year or since the team started. The training room dashboard summaries the team’s total distances, durations, calories and activities.

There are individual totals for each statistic along with options to filter any tagged activities.

We’ll be adding more tools into the personal and team training rooms over the next few weeks so keep a watch on the training rooms to see what’s next.

We hope you enjoy sharing your activities with your team members.