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Introducing the Map My Tracks Endurance iPhone app

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With the cycle sportive season in full swing we are delighted to announce the launch of Map My Tracks Endurance app for iPhone®.

Endurance is the perfect companion on long distance rides or runs when you want share your progress live online for others to follow.

Map My Tracks Endurance is a light-weight, low-power app that is designed to make long distance live tracking possible with an iPhone. Capable of tracking live for over 24 hours on one charge, Map My Tracks Endurance reduces the battery drain that can be experienced from other iPhone tracking apps. With this app it’s easy for friends, family or sponsors to follow your progress online throughout long distance events like sportives, gran fondos or marathons.

As with our other iPhone apps, Endurance seamlessly connects with your profile to let spectators follow your progress online from around the world. And just like OutFront, when multiple riders use the same tag their activities can be followed live on an event hub. With the Map My Tracks Endurance app sports event organisers have a viable live tracking solution that all their participants can use.

The app will get its first outing in the the Ride Across Britain where the team of riders from Cisco will be using Map My Tracks Endurance throughout the nine day event. Their progress will be followed live on the Cisco Riders event hub on by sponsors, friends and Cisco work colleagues around the world.

Map My Tracks Endurance is free to download from the App Store and is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4 and as usual unlimited live tracking is available to all Map My Tracks account holders.

Using Endurance

Endurance couldn’t be simpler to use when out riding or running. Once logged into the app set the update frequency, add a tag, then tap start. It’s that simple.

Endurance has been designed with long distance live tracking in mind. In order to extend the battery life the app is optimised to use GPS only when needed. More frequent updates use more power and in turn reduces the overall tracking time. So adjust the update frequency to suit the activity session. In tests carried out on an iPhone 4 at two minute updates the battery life was extended to over 10 hours.

As Map My Tracks Endurance is a light-weight tracking app is does not provide a breakdown of your performance within the app (for that we suggest you use OutFront). However, since each activity is live there is full breakdown of the activity stats online in your profile.