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Map My Tracks Events adds GPS timing and a social focus on sports events

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Map My Tracks, best known for their fitness app OutFront, has released an update to Map My Tracks Events which gives everyone a front row seat to sports events that use the app. Along with live social interactions from events the latest update includes a new GPS timing feature that lets sports event organisers set timed segments along their courses.

Map My Tracks Events

Timed segments for events

Unique to Map My Tracks Events is the option for event organisers to set up, event-specific, timed segments along courses and present a live leader board of results.  It works from the GPS data uploaded by participants which is scanned, ranked and presented on a live leader board for the event. The introduction of GPS timing for sports events by Map My Tracks means that event organisers now have a viable alternative to costly chip timing solutions.

Live GPS tracking is at the heart of what Map My Tracks does and Map My Tracks Events takes advantage of over seven years experience in developing sports tracking apps for mobile phones. Using Map My Tracks Events in combination with Map My Tracks OutFront, for iOS and Android, participants of any outdoor event can track and share their progress live online. Map My Tracks Events pools together the live performance of participants and social buzz from spectators so that everyone can follow the action live. Pictures, videos and tweets posted to Twitter and Instagram are filtered to give online followers a front row seat at the event.

The new GPS timing option from Map My Tracks Events works in both a live mode, which shows results immediately after a participant has completed the segment, or from uploaded data. In either case, the participant data is scanned, ranked and listed according to their performance.

Map My Tracks Events lets sports event organisers set up and curate their own event web app that includes live participant tracking, event-specific social buzz and GPS timing. Sportives, marathons or sailing regattas can use Map My Tracks Events to provide an event-specific app to their participants. The app tracks the progress of participants live and provides event organisers with a suite of tools to promote and engage with their participants during the event.

Nick Tatt, Founder of Map My Tracks, said: “With this latest update to our event platform we are able to bring together all the experience we have gained by providing apps for major events like the Tour of Britain. Now, events of any size can easily set up and offer their participants an event app that has all the latest live action and social buzz.”

Since the launch of Map My Tracks Events in January cycling event organisers like Action Medical Research and Pendragon Sports have opted to use Map My Tracks to provide event-specific web apps to their participants.
More events using Map My Tracks can be viewed online.