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Get Map My Tracks OutFront - with Pebble smart watch integration

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From today both Android and iOS users can download an update to Map My Tracks OutFront. This latest update includes integration with a Pebble watch, an updated dashboard design for better analysis of achievements and better access to all your friends on Map My Tracks.

Map My Tracks with Pebble

View your performance on a Pebble watch

The latest version of Map My Tracks OutFront includes support to connect Pebble watches with the OutFront. OutFront makes use of the Pebble’s built in sport app to present the activity time, distance, pace or speed all on the Pebble watch face. It offers a great option to avoid having to pull out your phone from your pocket when out running or riding and provides an at-a-glance review of your performance.

We’ve included options to set up and configure the Pebble watch’s display and button behaviour. The standard Pebble sport app can be configured to show either speed or pace. The middle button behaviour can also be configured to suit your preference. It can be set to stop an activity, toggle between pause and un-pause or to switch the display between speed and pace. The Pebble watch face will automatically use distance units set in OutFront’s settings.

To use OutFront with a Pebble watch first pair the watch according to Pebble’s instructions. Once your phone is paired with Pebble’s app then each time you start an activity with OutFront the Pebble watch face will show you the latest time, distance, speed or pace.

OutFront for Android is available to download from Google Play.

OutFront for iOS is available to download from App Store.