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Facebook sharing and a temporary fix

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If you're having trouble sharing your activities from OutFront to your Facebook profile then this tip might help.

We’ve notice a bug in the app doesn’t save the settings correctly when you first connect the app with Facebook. The bug will be fixed in the next release but while Apple is reviewing the update the steps below will let you work around the problem.

Step 1. Open app and tap ‘Settings’ then ‘Sharing settings’.

Step 2. Tap ‘Connect with Facebook’ and log into Facebook. Once the Facebook login is complete tap on ‘Settings’ to return to the main settings page.

So far this is normal behavior but the bug is stopping the changes from being saved so we need to force the page to save the changes. If you do not see a ‘Save’ button in the top right corner you will need to adjust another setting to force this onscreen. To do this follow the next steps.

Step 3. Tap the weight settings then make an adjustment on the weight and then tap ‘Settings’ to return to the main page. This will force the ‘Save’ button to appear in the top corner.

Step 4. Tap ‘Save’ to store the changes to the settings. This will also save the Facebook sharing settings as well.

We sorry we didn’t spot this problem in the app but by following these simple steps you can successfully save the Facebook sharing option and then be able to post your activities on Facebook.

The next release will have a fix for this. If you continue to have trouble please email support [at] where we can provide direct assistance.