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Map My Track apps for clubs

We've been working with our local cycling club, Canterbury Bicycle Club, to develop an app for its club members to can use in conjunction with Map My Tracks.


The Map My Tracks club app integrates with the Map My Track Event planner so events and club rides get featured in the app. This means that a club can publish their group rides and have them listed in the app. Users of the app get all the details of the rides including route maps, file download, live tracking.

The app comes packed full of other features to help club members stay up to date. News, photos and social buzz all get included in the app so everyone stays connected and up to date with club activity. The leaderboard also provides some friendly competition throughout the year.

The social map features club members out riding using Map My Tracks’ live tracking. It’s a great way to keep tabs on riders are when out training or on a club ride.

The Canterbury Bicycle Club app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Does your club want an app?

We’re looking for other clubs to work with to develop the app further. We’re interested in hearing for clubs that have regular club events, rides or runs.  If you think your club would be a good fit for this then get in touch.


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Handy hints to get the most out of Map My Tracks

We've put together some handy hints to help people get the most out of Map My Tracks.

Protect your privacy

Map My Tracks lets you create privacy zones around important places like your home or work. The size of the privacy zones can be adjusted to blanket a larger area and, if need be, multiple privacy zones can overlapped to fully obscure the area further. Users will see their own data in full while others will not be able to see the data inside the privacy zone.

Upload data and photos by email

Each user on Map My Tracks gets their own personalised email address that can be used to upload FIT, TCX, GPX and photo files. It’s a great way to upload activity data from third-party apps that allow you to export these types of files as attachments to emails. You can find you own personal Map My Tracks dropbox email address on the website at Settings > Account Settings.

Follow live

Anyone using Map My Tracks Live will appear on the app’s Activity Map. It’s a great way to follow the progress of others while they are out and about. Live tracking is a PLUS feature which is bundled in to the monthly subscription costing $3/month.

Heart rate and power zones

People with heart rate monitors or power metres can set custom zones that are displayed in the activity’s charts for detailed analysis. They also let you set your Threshold Power and Heart Rate.

Tagged activities

Each activity can be tagged to help organise your profile data. Each tag is then available as a Hub that showcases all the activities sharing that tag. Hubs organise the tagged data over defined periods so you can browser them by month, year or all time.


When activities are sycned or uploaded to the Map My Tracks website they get added to your personalised timeline that breaks down your data by day, week, month, year or all time. The timeline is great for reviewing your performance over time.

Sync activities with your calendar app

Map My Tracks let you sync your activities with your favourite calendar app. The personalised iCal feed can be set up to populate your calendar app with each activity you upload to Map My Tracks. To get your iCal link log into the website then browse to your own profile. The iCal link is at the bottom of the right hand side bar.

Live performance sharing

When tracking live with Map My Tracks all the available data is streamed live for others to follow. That includes location, heart rate, cadence, power, speed and elevation. Each data set is streamed live to the website and can be followed by others when logged in.

Connect to Garmin Connect

If you use Garmin Connect then you can connect your Map My Tracks with it. Once connected each activity uploaded to Garmin Connect will automatically get synced with Map My Tracks.


Each activity gets its own breakdown of key moments. Moments include weather conditions as well as the moment you were the fastest, the moment you were at the highest elevation, the moment when your heart rate was the fastest and more. Moments also include any photos that have been pinned to the activity.

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The Eddington score is now available on Map My Tracks

We've added the Eddington score to profiles on Map My Tracks.

What’s the Eddington score I hear you say! It’s a neat number to illustrate the volume of long distance bike rides or runs a person does. It can equally be applied to other endurance sports.

The Eddington score is defined as the “maximum number E such that a cyclist has cycled E miles on E days”. For example, an Eddington score of 60 would imply that a cyclist has cycled at least 60 miles in a day on 60 occasions.

It’s a tough score to improve on. In the example given only rides over 60 miles would contribute to an increase in the score. So if your score is 70, only rides over 70 miles contribute to your score. It gets tougher and tougher!

Staying true to the original score created by Author Eddington we have kept all scores on Map My Tracks based on imperial distances, that is, miles in a day.

You’ll find your Eddington score on your public profile on Map My Tracks. It’s also available on the Map My Tracks app inside your profile Insights page. The app breaks down the score by each activity type you have undertaken, while the website is based on all your activities. It also give you a breakdown for the past 4 weeks, year and all time.

The website Head-to-Head also gives you an easy way to compare your score against others when logged into the website.

Eddington score

As it stands, my cycling Eddington score is 53 which means I’ve cycled at least 53 miles in a day on 53 different occasions. Room for improvement I think!

Eddington score

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Map My Tracks Festive ride 2016

During the festive break ten riders joined us to ride from London to Canterbury.

Our ride started with a train journey from Map My Tracks’ home town of Canterbury to London and from there we rode the 73 miles back to Canterbury.

Our ride started out of Stratford and soon picked up the country lanes south of London near Otford. Having started the ride in the fog it soon cleared to sunshine and a maximum temperature of 7 degrees Celsius.

After a coffee and cake stop at Maidstone we started on the home leg keeping to the Pilgrims Way up to the point that we hit black ice and three of us fell like skittles. That made the decision to deviate from our route a lot simpler and we headed for the A20 through Lenham and Charing. After that it was a straight run into Canterbury after the sun had set. Having started the ride at 10:30 we arrived in Canterbury at 17:00 ready for some well earned refreshments.

Thanks to all the riders that joined in on the Map My Tracks Festive Ride 2016 - @ash1, @kj, @paulkemp, @rachelcornish, @zoe_smith, @jonwilliamson, Dave, Rod, Paul and @Nick.

Interested in the route - check out the route details

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Map My Tracks Events now available across all platforms

Map My Tracks event app

For a while now event organisers have been able to publish their events on the website for our community to use. Now, with the latest update to the Map My Tracks app, events are also available in the app.

Map My Tracks Events make it super simple for event organisers to promote, engage and inform participants with everything about their events. The events listed in the app are coupled to the Map My Tracks Event Planner that provides control on event routes, news, social buzz, photos and more.

The event profiles in the app do what you would expect. They highlight all the latest social buzz around the event. They include messaging, photos, news, attendees, routes and live maps to follow the progress of participants.

Events are free to publish on Map My Tracks and are great for clubs or charities to use for their events.

Download the latest version of the app to get all the event details when you are out and about.

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Easily duplicate events

It's now a breeze to duplicate events on Map My Tracks.

This new feature is great if you organise similar events that happen regularly. It’s perfect for clubs that organise weekly rides/runs or if you are a charity putting on an annual fundraising event.

It’s a feature that has been asked for by event organisers so we are pleased to see if finally go live.  It makes managing events on Map My Tracks even quicker than before.

To duplicate an event is simple. First open up the event in the Event Planner. Then click on the Duplicate tab. From there you can set a new title for the event and also set a new start date. That’s it.

The duplication process will copy across everything about the event but leave out who attended or followed it. Once the new event has been created you can edit it as normal to personalise it for the new date.

Using this along side the new Upcoming embed option means that you can easily manage regular events on Map My Tracks and display them on your own website.

As ever, we hope you enjoy the new feature. Keep the suggestions coming as we really do try to work on all of them.

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Add your upcoming events to your own website

We've added an option to embed your upcoming events on your own website or blog. It's a handy feature for any event organisers with lots of events.

All upcoming events are listed in date order making it a great addition to your own event pages.

Here’s an example of the events on Map My Tracks published by us.

It’s easy to set up. Lists are embedded on your site via an iframe. If that doesn’t mean anything to you then send the embed code over to your web developer and they will be able to add it to your site. It takes just minutes to set up.

Your own embed code can be found when you log into the Event Planner.

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Map My Tracks extends sponsorship of Canterbury Bicycle Club

If you are a member of Canterbury Bicycle Club then you are in luck. As part of Map My Tracks' sponsorship of the club we are pleased to announce that all members can now benefit from a free app upgrade to PLUS.

This means that all Canterbury Bicycle Club member are entitled to use the app’s PLUS features which include live tracking, options to connect with external sensors and a detailed breakdown of any activity data.

One of the main PLUS benefits is access to track live during club rides or events. When you opt to tracking live, your progress will appear on the app’s Activity Map for others to follow. It’s a great way to see where other club members are when out on a ride.

If you are Canterbury Bicycle Club member then here’s how you take advantage of the offer.

Once the club administrator has accepted your request to join the club on Map My Tracks then the next time you open the app all the PLUS features will be unlocked and available to use.

This offer is open to Canterbury Bicycle Club members only so make sure your subscription is up to date. Other club members already on Map My Tracks can be found on the club members list.

Useful links

iOS app download
Android app download
CBC club profile

Need help?

If you need any help getting started with live tracking then give Nick a tap on the shoulder at the next club ride and he will be able get you started.

Other ways to use Map My Tracks

If you ride with a Garmin device then you can set up an automatic sync between Garmin Connect and Map My Tracks. Once that is set up each ride you upload to Garmin Connect will be synced to Map My Tracks.



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We are celebrating 1,000,000 amazing people

We can't believe it. This month, Map My Tracks has received its 1,000,000th registered user. That is a lot of amazing people that we have to thank.

Map My Tracks one million users

We thank each and every one of the million users for taking the time to try out the service. We thank you all for your support throughout the years to make Map My Tracks what it is today.

Back in 2007, we had a dream of creating a community based on the love of the outdoors. Its foundation was around using mobile phones to track your outdoor activities in real time for others to follow live. Back then, pre-iPhone/Android, we relied on some, now classic, Nokia phones to bridge to external GPS devices via Bluetooth. How we have come on!

Since that time, Map My Tracks has grown to be a thriving community of worldwide users who all share a passion for the outdoors. For the data-minded among us, we have put together a breakdown of the Map My Tracks ecosystem which goes to show that you are all stars.

We are always amazed at the variety of activities uploaded to Map My Tracks. Now, nearly 40% of all activities on Map My Tracks are tracked live from all corners of the world.

On a more personal note, I can’t thank the team behind Map My Tracks enough. We are a small team of three that punch well above our weight. We have a passion to exploit technology to make people’s lives more enjoyable. That, and our one million users, is what drives Map My Tracks forward each day.

So what’s next?
The Map My Tracks road map is always evolving. In the short term, there will be some notable updates to the Map My Tracks app. In the medium term, we plan to integrate Fitbit with Map My Tracks to sync data between the two services. In the long term, we plan to make Map My Tracks the home for another one million users.

Again, a million thanks to our amazing one million users.

Map My Tracks founder

Map My Tracks infographic

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