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New feature - GPS track comparison

GPS track comparisonTwo tracks on one screen, replayed together. Well that's what you asked for so we built it. Track comparison lets you choose any two tracks to replay together and compare their performance. For the first time, this new feature allows you to compare against your own earlier activity or better still have a virtual race against someone else! It's a great way of seeing if you've improved or just to compare against a buddy's tracks.

All the usual speed, distance, course and position are displayed for both tracks with the option to synchronise the starting positions so that you can get an accurate comparison.

Comparing GPS tracks is simple

First choose the two tracks to compare from the explore page and click ‘Compare tracks’ at the top and bottom of the list of tracks. The track comparison page overlays both tracks on one map. Synchronise the starting positions of each tracks by sliding the player controls for both tracks in position. Once synchronised, press play and watch both tracks replay together. As with all the tracks you can speed up the action.

GPS tracks comparison

GPS track comparison was a feature request from our users. Keep the requests coming so that we can make Map My Tracks even better.

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Map My Tracks at the Dinghy Show

Wow what a weekend at The Dinghy Show. Thanks to all the visitors and exhibitors for taking the time to visit our stand at the show. It was great fun demonstrating what can be done with Map My Tracks.

Map My Tracks stand at the Dinghy ShowThe Dinghy Show was our first public showing of what Map My Tracks is all about and I’m pleased to say that the response was tremendous. There was a real buzz around the stand that kept Rob, Joe and myself quite busy for the two days demonstrating live tracks at the venue.

With the show now all packed up we are back at base working out how we can get all the great ideas suggested by visitors into the next release! Roll on the next road show!

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Version 1.1 released

To celebrate our attendance at the Dinghy Show this weekend we have rolled out another release of Map My Tracks Mobile that improves our support for many Windows Mobile handsets.

This release, v1.1, helps to extend the range of compatible handsets that Map My Tracks supports. One of the key features added on this occasion is the addition of an onscreen QWERTY keyboard.

QWERTY keyboardThis provides an alternative way of entering text using an onscreen keypad instead of the handset’s numeric buttons. This is especially useful for users whose phones have QWERTY keypads. To launch the onscreen keypad, simply click the select button when highlighting a text field.

To further extend the range of phones that we can support a manual GPS setup has been added. On some phones, the Java is unable to connect to internal GPS hardware or external Bluetooth devices. This is most common on some Windows Mobile devices whose Java does not support the required APIs. To accommodate this we have introduces a manual setup within the GPS settings page that allows you to choose the COM port that the internal or Bluetooth GPS device is associated with.

Also in this version are a suite of improvements to the accuracy of information and data and a couple of bug fixes.

To make the most of these features grab the latest version from



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Dinghy Sailing Show

The Dinghy Sailing Show at Alexendra Palace in London will see our first road trip to demo Map My Tracks and we're really looking forward to it.

Map My Tracks tee shirtsWith the show just around the corner (March 1 & 2) our preparations are in full swing. We’re aiming to make quite a splash (no pun intended) and have just received our new tee shirts for the show. How exciting!

We’re really looking forward to showcasing Map My Tracks to all the visiting sailors at the show. We’ll have a number of different phones on hand to demonstrate how Map My Tracks works. If you are attending the show or are able to visit please come by to stand C18 and say hello.

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Out of beta and into our first release

We're very excited to move out of beta and launch Map My Tracks Mobile v1. Our thanks go to all the beta users for taking the time to register and try out Map My Tracks. Your help has been invaluable.

In this release we have extended the range of phones that Map My Tracks supports. At present Nokia, Sony Ericsson and some Samsung, Motorola, Siemens, Pansonic, Lenovo, HTC and LG phones are supported. Map My Tracks also works with Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 but at present phones with QWERTY keypads are not fully supported. We are working on a release for these handsets. Watch this space.

We have also introduced some significant new features that include:

  • Enhanced tracking interface
  • Onscreen display includes: current speed, average speed, top speed, distance, pace (both fastest and average), direction, current position (latitude & longitude)
  • Track summary including split time analysis
  • Various other user improvements

If you’d like to give it a go sign up FREE and start tracking in five minutes.

  • Splash screen
  • Dashboard screen
  • Tracing screen
  • Track overview screen
  • Track speed screen
  • Track pace screen
  • Track location overlay screen
  • Track review screen
  • Track map screen
  • Settings screen
  • Username screen
  • Bluetooth screen



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Map My Tracks in motion

First in a series of videos that we plan to produce is this introduction to Map My Tracks.

It’s often easier to understand something by seeing it in action so we have put together a short video that we’ll also be using on our stand at the The Dinghy Show in March. Enjoy.

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New feature - track preferences

Different sports require different statistics, which is why we have added the ability for you to set your default map type and distance units for viewing tracks. Now you have the choice to set street, terrain or satellite maps as your standard view together with the option to view your tracks using imperial, metric or nautical distance units.

Default preference As before, these options can also be changed as you view a track so you can still adjust the way in which track data is presented should you decide that nautical miles don’t really apply when you have just completed a bike ride!

Preferences are set on the ‘my profile’ page.

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New feature - split times

Understanding your performance is essential in any training regime. To help in that understanding we have today introduced split times and pace indicators on tracks.

Split time summarySplit time analysis and pace summaries provide some useful benchmarks for a lot of land-based sports activities like running and cycling. As with all of the distance data displayed we have made it possible to switch between kilometres, miles and nautical miles. Whatever suits your needs.

We’re keen to continue improving Map My Tracks to make sure that you have the right tools for your sport. Let us know what you like to see.

UPDATE: Split time markers have also been added along a track on a map.

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Random or not so random?

A common complaint about sailing is the perceived abstract nature of the route needed to get around a given course.

From a spectators point of view, watching from the shore, it is sometimes difficult to understand what is going on and who is winning. This is often compounded by the fact that most World or National Championships are sailed quite a distance off shore to get clean wind so specators suffer even more.

One of the benefits of GPS tracking for sailors is the ability to understand the random, or not so random, routes needed to complete a race. By way of an example, below is the track taken during a race on an inland lake. At first glance the tracks does look a little random but it accurately describes the route sailed over the two rounds of the race. What becomes clear is the way in which headers and lifts have played a part in getting around the course. Given that this is an inland lake, surrounded by woodland, the wind shifts are quite considerable. Understanding these local conditions is vital to stand any chance of coming close to winning.

TIP: Switch to satellite view and zoom in for a closer look. View this track in full.

We plan to feature more examples of how different sports benefit from GPS tracking. If you have a sport that you are passionate about and like to know how Map My Tracks can help you understand your performance just let us know and we’ll do our best to help out.

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