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MMT Mobile version 1.2 now available

Today we have pushed live a new release of Map My Tracks Mobile (v1.2). In this release we have added 'Where am I?', track tagging and global time together with some UI improvements.

Where Am I?
Show your current position on a map without starting a track. Sometimes it useful to just see where you are without tracking. Where am I? does just this.

tagsView more screenshots
Tag tracks
Organise your tracks by tagging them directly from your phone. Now you can tag your tracks from your phone as you start your activity and have them appear within your tracks on the site. It’s a great way to organise your tracks by activity, location or whatever you find useful.

Global time
We’ve introduced a notion of universal time. No matter where you are in the world, viewing a track in real-time shows correct track information across time zones.

Signed version
We have made available a signed (trusted) version of the Map My Tracks Mobile. For many people, this will help Map My Tracks install and work correctly on their phones.

We hope you enjoy the new improvements
We’re really excited about this round of features. They all help to make Map My Tracks more useful and set the groundwork for some exciting features that are in development. We hope you find the features as useful as we do.

Thanks for your support in Map My Tracks.

Get the latest version by browsing on your mobile to

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For those unaware, Twitter is a free micro-blogging service, where content is delivered to your mobile phone in 140 characters or less. We’ve set up a Map My Tracks account so you’ve got another way to follow the many happenings here at Map My Tracks central.

If you enjoy tweets then start following Map My Tracks to make sure you don’t miss out. If you don’t enjoy tweets don’t worry all our news will still be available here.

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The Map My Tracks affiliate scheme is easy and fast to set up and lets event organisors, sports retailers, blog owners and individuals benefit from referrals made to us.

How does it work

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Interest? Check out the affiliate scheme. Existing users will find details of the affiliate plan on your profile page.

Map My Tracks to sponsor Musto Skiff UK Nationals 2008

imageMap My Tracks is backing this summer's Musto Skiff UK Nationals to launch its live events tracking service. The event will be the first time that live GPS tracking has been used in a non-Olympic dinghy event and is yet another first for the innovative Musto Skiff class and Map My Tracks.

The event, to be held at Whitstable Yacht Club from 12-15 June 2008, will be among the first to benefit from Map My Tracks live event tracking. Map My Tracks was launched in February 2008 and turns most mobile phones into live sports tracking tools, providing map and performance data in real-time to sailors, live tracking on the internet and a range of website track analysis and replay tools.

Map My Tracks works with normal mobile phones with built-in GPS or with external GPS receivers, bringing the technology within reach of amateur sailors worldwide.  The service lets spectators watch live race action on the big screen back at race headquarters and provides an easy way to broadcast event progress live on the internet to spectators anywhere. It is ideally suited to sports, such as sailing or distance running, where the action takes place away from the race headquarters.


Relaying live races to a global internet audience is an important part of bringing sailing to new audiences beyond broadcast television. Events like the Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta 2007 have demonstrated the potential for live GPS tracking to do this, but have relied on expensive dedicated GPS equipment only available to professional sailors. Map My Tracks works with normal mobile phones with built-in GPS or with external GPS receivers, bringing the technology within reach of amateur sailors worldwide.

As well as enhancing the race experience for spectators onshore and on the internet, Map My Tracks also provides each competitor with a breakdown of their performance and a print-out of their tracks. The website’s analysis tools include being able to compare tracks side-by-side to help see where races are won and lost.
Musto Skiff Class Association Chairman Simon Reynolds said “The Musto Performance Skiff class has innovated in a number of ways in the past and is delighted to continue this through the partnership with Map My Tracks for this event; it represents a first for the class and non-professional sailing to offer such live event tracking”.

About Musto Skiff class

The Musto Performance Skiff is a lightweight one person trapeze dinghy with wings, trapeze and asymmetric spinnaker. The class is sailed in 17 countries world wide by men and women, the boat supports a wide range of bodyweights. The class achieved Full ISAF Status in 2007. The class is marketed world wide by Ovington Boats and there are dealers based in 18 countries. In 2007 the class held its first World Championships, following ISAF ratification, which attracted 86 entries from 13 nations.

Make maps in your area

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that Map My Tracks Mobile uses map data supplied by Open Street Map. We use OSM maps as the background on the handset to show where you are right now.

Map My Tracks MobileOne of the interesting things about Open Street Map is that it is a community of members that all contribute GPS data to help build a detailed street-level map of their area. The fact that a street or building is displayed is a direct result of members submitting GPS data and marking up any key features or road names. As more data is submitted the better the maps become adding greater detail and coverage around the world.

The detail displayed on the maps used within Map My Tracks Mobile depends on where you live. For example, the UK has considerable coverage and is nearly fully mapped. In other areas the detail is not as comprehensive but one of the great things about Open Street Map is that they regularly hold mapping parties for members to come together and concentrate their efforts to track specific locations in one go. The results of each mapping party is added into the mix of data and ends up on display in maps.

Contributing tracks to OSM

Given that Map My Tracks generates GPS data we would encourage all our users to get involved and start submitting their tracks to Open Street Map. Doing so is simple: after making a tracking use the export as GPX option on the track page and submit the data at Open Street Map. Having added your data you’ll need to edit and mark up the information before it can be used in the maps. One of the benefits of submitting tracks from your area is that you’ll begin to see the results of your efforts within Map My Tracks Mobile.

If you’re interested in Open Street Map and getting starting have a look at the OSM wiki.

LIVE event and race GPS tracking from Map My Tracks

Bring a new dimension to your event or race with Map My Tracks event tracking. Map My Tracks' event services can entertain your spectators, impress your sponsors and inform your competitors with LIVE event tracking.

Using Map My Tracks GPS tracking at events is an ideal way of bringing race action alive back at race HQ on a big screen or over the web to those that couldn't make. It's ideal for sailing regattas, running and bike races or just about any outdoor race or event. Spectators can watch live action and races are available on the web in real-time or to replay at any time.

Map My Tracks provides a complete event and race tracking service. We provide technical support at the venue, GPS tracking handsets, and projector/screens to make it easy and fun to track your event. We can even build your event website and integrate live tracks for online viewers.

If you are a race director or organiser contact the for more information and a quote to track your event.

New feature - GPS track comparison

GPS track comparisonTwo tracks on one screen, replayed together. Well that's what you asked for so we built it. Track comparison lets you choose any two tracks to replay together and compare their performance. For the first time, this new feature allows you to compare against your own earlier activity or better still have a virtual race against someone else! It's a great way of seeing if you've improved or just to compare against a buddy's tracks.

All the usual speed, distance, course and position are displayed for both tracks with the option to synchronise the starting positions so that you can get an accurate comparison.

Comparing GPS tracks is simple

First choose the two tracks to compare from the explore page and click ‘Compare tracks’ at the top and bottom of the list of tracks. The track comparison page overlays both tracks on one map. Synchronise the starting positions of each tracks by sliding the player controls for both tracks in position. Once synchronised, press play and watch both tracks replay together. As with all the tracks you can speed up the action.

GPS tracks comparison

GPS track comparison was a feature request from our users. Keep the requests coming so that we can make Map My Tracks even better.

Map My Tracks at the Dinghy Show

Wow what a weekend at The Dinghy Show. Thanks to all the visitors and exhibitors for taking the time to visit our stand at the show. It was great fun demonstrating what can be done with Map My Tracks.

Map My Tracks stand at the Dinghy ShowThe Dinghy Show was our first public showing of what Map My Tracks is all about and I’m pleased to say that the response was tremendous. There was a real buzz around the stand that kept Rob, Joe and myself quite busy for the two days demonstrating live tracks at the venue.

With the show now all packed up we are back at base working out how we can get all the great ideas suggested by visitors into the next release! Roll on the next road show!

Version 1.1 released

To celebrate our attendance at the Dinghy Show this weekend we have rolled out another release of Map My Tracks Mobile that improves our support for many Windows Mobile handsets.

This release, v1.1, helps to extend the range of compatible handsets that Map My Tracks supports. One of the key features added on this occasion is the addition of an onscreen QWERTY keyboard.

QWERTY keyboardThis provides an alternative way of entering text using an onscreen keypad instead of the handset’s numeric buttons. This is especially useful for users whose phones have QWERTY keypads. To launch the onscreen keypad, simply click the select button when highlighting a text field.

To further extend the range of phones that we can support a manual GPS setup has been added. On some phones, the Java is unable to connect to internal GPS hardware or external Bluetooth devices. This is most common on some Windows Mobile devices whose Java does not support the required APIs. To accommodate this we have introduces a manual setup within the GPS settings page that allows you to choose the COM port that the internal or Bluetooth GPS device is associated with.

Also in this version are a suite of improvements to the accuracy of information and data and a couple of bug fixes.

To make the most of these features grab the latest version from



Dinghy Sailing Show

The Dinghy Sailing Show at Alexendra Palace in London will see our first road trip to demo Map My Tracks and we're really looking forward to it.

Map My Tracks tee shirtsWith the show just around the corner (March 1 & 2) our preparations are in full swing. We’re aiming to make quite a splash (no pun intended) and have just received our new tee shirts for the show. How exciting!

We’re really looking forward to showcasing Map My Tracks to all the visiting sailors at the show. We’ll have a number of different phones on hand to demonstrate how Map My Tracks works. If you are attending the show or are able to visit please come by to stand C18 and say hello.

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