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LIVE event and race GPS tracking from Map My Tracks

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Bring a new dimension to your event or race with Map My Tracks event tracking. Map My Tracks' event services can entertain your spectators, impress your sponsors and inform your competitors with LIVE event tracking.

Using Map My Tracks GPS tracking at events is an ideal way of bringing race action alive back at race HQ on a big screen or over the web to those that couldn't make. It's ideal for sailing regattas, running and bike races or just about any outdoor race or event. Spectators can watch live action and races are available on the web in real-time or to replay at any time.

Map My Tracks provides a complete event and race tracking service. We provide technical support at the venue, GPS tracking handsets, and projector/screens to make it easy and fun to track your event. We can even build your event website and integrate live tracks for online viewers.

If you are a race director or organiser contact the for more information and a quote to track your event.