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Used by cyclists, runners and athletes around the world Map My Tracks is an amazingly easy, fun and motivating way to keep track of your workouts and keep fit in the process.

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Take to the streets. Take to the trails. Take to the water.

Made for active people by active people. Here's how it works. Use any GPS device to track your rides, runs, walks (or just about any outdoor activity) then upload to We'll tell you how you've done and the Map My Tracks community will help keep you on track and motivated.

No mobile app? No problem.

It's a breeze to add activities from Garmin devices and with a personal email dropbox you can add activities from any mobile app that supports GPX exporting by email.

Broadcast live tracking at sports events

Broadcast events, races or team activities in real-time. Set up an event and track each participant live for online spectators to follow. Events are quick and easy set up and include a Hall of Fame of participants and all the latest tweets about the event.

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