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Running 5km\‘s a day for 300 days in 2012 to raise awareness, and funds, for the street children of Pietermaritzburg!

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Well guys that’s it! 300 days of running a minimum of 5km’s for the street kids of Pietermaritzburg.

We covered 2,193.22 km’s.

Spent 280:58:21 h:m:s on the road.

Burnt up 107,313 calories.

We raised R21,686 for I Care.

We ended on a high note by running with a group of nice people from our church, followed by punch & snacks. Thanks to all involved. SOLI DEO GLORIA

iRun4iCare posted on 1 Jan 2013

The final (300th) run will take place after the New Years Eve service at Wesley Methodist (69 Cleland Road, Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg). Pete & Mark will leave from the church and wind their way home for the last time this year. Please join them for the service and/or the run home.

iRun4iCare posted on 29 Dec 2012

2 to go…

iRun4iCare posted on 27 Dec 2012

3 running days left…

iRun4iCare posted on 26 Dec 2012

218 days have been completed!!!

iRun4iCare posted on 15 Sep 2012

On Friday the 22nd of June we will celebrate the running of our 145th day by dressing up as Funky Foreign runners.

iRun4iCare posted on 21 Jun 2012

cold this morning

iRun4iCare posted on 16 May 2012

Both Pete & Mark are fighting off a bout of the coughs and sniffles. We hope they get better SOON!

iRun4iCare posted on 7 May 2012

100 days completed. 200 to go. Check it out at

iRun4iCare posted on 1 May 2012

The legs are still a little heavy after the long distance of the Two Oceans Marathon (56km) but we are still moving forward!

We continue to focus on the plight of the street kid’s when we are feeling down or want to lie in on the colder mornings.

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iRun4iCare - 87 Days of the challenge are behind us now. We are focusing on Day 100!!!
about 5 years ago


iRun4iCare posted on 16 Apr 2012

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