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17.3Miles 01:04Duration 16.1Avg. speed 03:43Pace min/Mi -Calories

Miscellaneous near Conrad Lake United States on 27 Jan 2013

6.1Miles 00:55Duration 6.5Avg. speed 09:11Pace min/Mi 994Calories

Running near American Plaza United States on 18 Jun 2012

62.1Miles 03:58Duration 15.6Avg. speed 03:50Pace min/Mi 3870Calories

Cycling near Fuller School United States on 3 Jun 2012

46.5Miles 04:19Duration 10.8Avg. speed 05:34Pace min/Mi 2520Calories

Cycling near Shaw University United States on 2 Jun 2012

66.3Miles 04:45Duration 13.9Avg. speed 04:18Pace min/Mi 4626Calories

Cycling near Black River Church United States on 1 Jun 2012

81.4Miles 05:14Duration 15.5Avg. speed 03:52Pace min/Mi 5101Calories

Cycling near Elizabethtown Junior High School United States on 31 May 2012

63Miles 04:11Duration 15Avg. speed 03:59Pace min/Mi 4072Calories

Cycling near College Acres United States on 30 May 2012

31.7Miles 02:15Duration 14Avg. speed 04:17Pace min/Mi 2199Calories

Cycling near Federal Point United States on 29 May 2012

34.5Miles 02:10Duration 15.8Avg. speed 03:47Pace min/Mi 2543Calories

Cycling near Shallotte Township Park United States on 29 May 2012

11Miles 00:43Duration 15.1Avg. speed 03:58Pace min/Mi -Calories

Miscellaneous near Conrad Lake United States on 22 May 2012

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