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Map My Tracks Events now available across all platforms

Map My Tracks event app

For a while now event organisers have been able to publish their events on the website for our community to use. Now, with the latest update to the Map My Tracks app, events are also available in the app.

Map My Tracks Events make it super simple for event organisers to promote, engage and inform participants with everything about their events. The events listed in the app are coupled to the Map My Tracks Event Planner that provides control on event routes, news, social buzz, photos and more.

The event profiles in the app do what you would expect. They highlight all the latest social buzz around the event. They include messaging, photos, news, attendees, routes and live maps to follow the progress of participants.

Events are free to publish on Map My Tracks and are great for clubs or charities to use for their events.

Download the latest version of the app to get all the event details when you are out and about.

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Your guide to tracking live at events

We have put together this handy guide to help the thousands of riders and runners attending events this summer. This guide will tell you how to get set up to track live so friends and family can follow your progress and also how others can follow your progress.

Your guide to tracking live at events

Step 1

If there is an official event set up on Map My Tracks, and you are participating, then click on the ‘Attend’ button on the event page. If there is no official event then either create one yourself or skip to Step 2 By declaring that you are attending the event, your progress on the day will be shown on the event maps.

Step 2

Download one of the Map My Tracks apps to your iPhone or Android mobile phone. There are two apps to choose from.

Map My Tracks Endurance is a long distance live tracking app. It’s great to track live for well over 12 hours. It’s a super simple app that is designed to only update your location so that others can follow your progress live.

Map My Tracks OutFront is a performace tracking app that is best suited for live tracking for up to 3-4 hours. OutFront measures your performance including speed, distance, heart rate and much more.

Both are available for iOS and Android phones.

Step 3

On the day of the event, launch the app you’ve opted for and start tracking live. If you are using OutFront you need to set the status to ‘Online public’. If you are using Endurance that you need to ensure it’s set to ‘Visible to everyone’. Once you have started tracking you can pocket the phone and get on with your event.

Friends and family can follow live on the day

On the day of the event, there are a few ways that friends and family can follow people’s progress.

If there is an official event on Map My Tracks then you can follow their progress on event maps on the Map My Tracks website. If there is no event then an individual’s progress can be followed on their Map My Tracks profile page on the website.

Our OutFront app also lets friends and family follow user’s live. It’s the best way to follow other people’s progress. Open the app and either use the Activity Map to see who is tracking live or search and open a user’s profile page to follow their progress.

Friends and family can follow people’s progress free of charge through the app or website.

If in doubt on how to get set up get in touch with us on TwitterFacebook or our support channels.

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Live stream your group rides or runs on Map My Tracks

Map My Tracks has always been about live tracking. Our apps can be used to let friends and family follow people's progress live around the world.

Live stream your activities

With the recent update to our iOS and Android apps it is now possible to follow groups of people on the Activity Map. This is makes it a perfect match for club bike rides, or when friends are out on a ride or run together, so that everyone can follow each other’s progress.

The Activity Map features anyone that is tracking live and also shows the last know location of other nearby friends using Map My Tracks. So now if you get split up you can use the Activity Map to help find each other again.

Just like any other activity on Map My Tracks, the Activity Map observes people’s privacy zones so if you pass through, or finish up, within a privacy zone the Activity Map will not show your location. If you have not yet set up Privacy Zones then you can do so within Settings on the Map My Tracks website.

As well as the Activity Map, the recent update also includes a Friends Map that shows only the details of people you follow on Map My Tracks. Just like the Activity Map it follows friends if they are tracking live. Finally, the recent update also include a Profile Map that features a cluster of markers that showcase a person’s public activities on Map My Tracks. In all cases, the maps only feature public activities which gives each person control over what information is shared.

Both the iOS and Android apps have been updated with these new features. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

We’re looking forward to seeing how everyone uses these new features.

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Compare yourself with others on the leaderboards

Both the iOS and Android Map My Tracks apps have been updated to feature leaderboards that showcase your performance against others.


The all-new Leaderboard features the total distance covered by you versus other users across each week and month, across all sport types. The Leaderboard is based on public activities only which means that everyone has control over what activities are included for all to see.

During the time that we have been building the leaderboard we have found them to be a great way to discover new users from around the work doing some amazing things.

At present ludoperegrinus tops the walking leaderboard due to the fact that he has been walking everyday for the past month on a journey across Northern Spain.

Likewise, Dezellis tops the cycling leaderboard for the past month largely due to riding a steady 55 miles everyday!

To start climbing the leader board make sure your activities are synced to the website and are made public.

We hope you enjoy the new leaderboards as much as we do.

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Introducing the all new Map My Tracks widget for Android

In the latest update to our Android app (v2.3) we have added the option to set a Map My Tracks widget on your phone's home screen.

Map My Tracks widget

The Map My Tracks widget is basically a remote control option to start, pause and stop tracking without the need to launch the app itself. It’s a one touch operation which makes it significantly easier to track every workout and activity session you do.

The widget works best if you have set the app with some default options like the main activity type or the tracking status.

To install the Map My Tracks widget make sure you have downloaded version 2.3 from Google Play.

As ever, we hope you like the update.

PLUS subscriber update and Android app changes

Hot on the heels of the iOS update comes and update for all our Android user. This latest update (v2.2) includes color-coded activity types for improved analysis, access to premium app features for PLUS website subscribers and options to subscribe to PLUS from within the app.

In this update we have unlocked all the pro app features to PLUS subscribers. This brings our Android app inline with the recent iOS app update and makes sure that any PLUS subscribers gets all the pro features as part of their subscription.

Another important note to make is that the Android Pro app will no longer be updated and is now discontinued. If you have it installed it will continue to work just fine but it will not benefit from any further updates. From this point forward the free Map My Tracks app for Android will be the only app available to download and all new features will only be available in the free app.

We would encourage all our Pro app users to migrate over to using the free app from now on. We have made sure that all previous pro app users will continue to benefit from all the premium features within the free app without having to purchase an upgrade. As long as you have, at some time, uploaded at least one activity to the website from the Pro app the new free app will automatically unlock all the pro features. If you experience any issues please get in touch through the support channels.

Just like any Pro app user, this new version ensures that all PLUS subscribers benefit from all premium features within the free app as part of the PLUS subscription. This means that if you have subscribed to PLUS through the website you will now have all the premium app features unlocked as part of your subscription.

As well as these changes we have included a host of other enhancements and fixes throughout the app. If you like the update be sure to post a positive review on Google Play.



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Meet the all new Map My Tracks app for iOS

With the release of Map My Tracks V4 for iOS comes support for Apple Health, Wahoo Fitness BTLE sensors, Wahoo Fitness RFLKT and host of other new features.

Map My Tracks for iOS

These new features make the Map My Tracks more flexible, much more integrated and whole lot more fun to use.

Apple Health
Once the Apple Health app is activated, you can share your Map My Tracks activities with it so other apps and services can be updated. Map My Tracks shares the activity time, distance and calories to Apple Health, which in turn might share the data to other apps you have authorised to access the data.

It’s also possible to now have Map My Tracks retrieve your weight from Apple Health so it can be used to calculate the calories burned across your activities. This ideal if you already use another app to monitor your weight. With Apple Health app synced to Map My Tracks you now don’t need to get involved in double entries - it just happens.

You’re in control of the data that is shared with Apple Health with is available on iOS 8 devices.

Wahoo Fitness BTLE
With the app now able to connect to Wahoo Fitness BTLE devices it opens the door to using more heart rate monitors with Map My Tracks. We have always had support to connect to ANT+ devices and now with BTLE included you can connect to Wahoo Fitness heart rate monitors and also the Wahoo Fitness RFLKT screen.

The RFLKT lets you see all your ride stats directly on your handlebars. Once paired with Map My Tracks each time you go out riding your performance stats are shown live on the RFLKT screen. These include elapsed time, distance, speed, pace, heart rate and cadence. Using the RFLKT control buttons you can toggle between data screens, pause or stop your activity, all without needing to get your phone out of your pocket.

Map My Tracks PLUS
Map My Tracks v4 for iOS now also lets you subscribe to Map My Tracks PLUS. When you subscribe to Map My Tracks PLUS from within the app all the pro app features are unlocked together with all the premium website features. It gives you access to everything across both the app and the website under one subscription.

Likewise, everyone that has signed up to PLUS on the website can now use all the pro app features as part of the subscription. So if you are a website PLUS member you can use the free app and have all the pro features unlocked and available to use. These include live tracking, advanced data analysis with charts and it’s all ad-free.

What else?
We’ve included some general improvements:

  • Color coded activities
  • Speed improvements

As ever, lets us know how you get on with the updates.

Map My Tracks - available on iTunes

Map My Tracks OutFront now optimised for iOS7

From today cyclists, runners and fitness enthusiasts using the Map My Tracks OutFront app or Cycling OutFront app for iPhone can download a major new update that is iOS 7 optimised.

The latest update of the popular live sports tracking app provides users with an all-new achievements panel, improvements to the app’s menu to make it easier to get around and a quick start option to start an activity. The update also includes an improved search bar that makes it easier to find nearby routes to use in training or to find other users on Map My Tracks.


The all-new achievements panel breaks down performances by day, by week, by month or across all time and includes in the display the total distance, calories burned, duration and pace for each period. The achievements panel comes with a sports specific wall paper background that can be customised according to the sport type set as default. 

App navigation

New in this update is a slide out menu for better access to each section. The slide out menu provides easy access to start an activity, activity history, saved routes, achievements and the online activities from the Map My Tracks community.

Quick start

The quick start option makes starting a tracking session easier and faster. Now it’s possible to start an activity direct from the app’s home screen or from within any section of the app.

iOS 7 friendly

A suite of design changes have been included to make better use of iOS 7 and to provide a more integrated feel. The iphone version of the app is compatible with iOS 5, iOS6 and iOS 7.

This update is the first in a series of app updates that will see closer integration with any sports event using Map My Tracks to track their participants. Map My Tracks provides sport event organisers with a suite of tools to promote their events, track all their participants and broadcast live tracking online.

Since launching in 2007 Map My Tracks has pioneered the use of mobile phones to broadcast sports performance data live across the web. Today, Map My Tracks is used around the world by people passionate about fitness, cycling and running to track, compare and share their outdoor activities.

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OutFront 2.2 for iphone adds support for ANT+ power devices, zones and more

Every once and while we are able to bring news of some great new features and today is one such occasion. With the latest update of OutFront for iPhone now available to download from the App Store we are pleased to say that cyclists using ANT+ enabled power devices can throw away their old head units and replace them with their OutFront.

Map My Tracks OutFront 2.2 extends the range of ANT+ enabled devices that it is compatible with and adds power in the mix, as well as heart rate, cadence and speed to give cyclists a full set of metrics to monitor and broadcast live on the web.

As the iPhone doesn’t come bundled with its own ANT+ sensors you’ll need to use third-party hardware like the Wahoo Fitness sensors that makes the bridge between the devices on the bike and the iPhone. Once set up they make monitoring the extra data a breeze. If you have not already looked into using heart rate, cadence or power in your workouts then now is a good time to start.

Also bundled into this version of the app are some new features for all users to benefit from. They include:

  • Distribution zones for speed, heart rate, cadence and power
  • Extended support for ANT+ enabled power devices
  • Custom primary display option
  • OS map option for user in Britain
  • Various iOS5 updates to improve the app

Distribution zones

Available on all speed, heart rate, cadence and power data the distribution zones show your workout intensity.

To view the zones first open all the workout data then tap the side arrow on speed, cadence, heart rate or power data cell and choose distribution.

ANT+ compatibility

ANT+ power devices has been added to the family of third-party hardware that OutFront is compatible with. To connect with ANT+ enabled devices first get hold of the Wahoo Fitness sensors then through the setting pages connect each one to the app. Once it’s done the app stores the connect so you don’t have to do it again.

iOS5 users have the added benefit of the ANT+ sensors continuing to work while the app is running in the background. That’s new to iOS5 so if you are not running that version please remember to keep the app active. It’s fine to out the phone to sleep but make sure the app is not in the background.

Custom primary display

We know it’s handy to be able to scroll through the workout stats during an activity. It’s been possible to do this on the secondary data bar for a while so we added a scroll to the primary display as well. You can set the default to suit your workout in the setting section and then scroll through to other data during the activity.

OS map option

Our users in Britain will be able to switch to OS map tiles. That’s handy when off-road and the detail on the other map options is not as detailed as you’d like. It you’re not in the UK you won’t have that option but you can still switch between street and satellite maps.

Various other fixes and improvements are also included in this release so if you haven’t yet upgraded please do so now. The update is free to existing users.

We hope you like the new features and as ever, please let us know what you think of the update.

Download or update Map My Tracks OutFront for iPhone from the App Store.

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Tribesports added to OutFront’s sharing options

The latest update of Map My Tracks OutFront for iPhone is now available to download from the App Store and includes a mix of new features and improvements to existing ones.

Among many updates is a new sharing option with Tribesports. This is in addition to sharing with Facebook and Twitter and of course Map My Tracks. This means that Tribesports users can now use their iphone to log their activities with Map My Tracks OutFront and sync them directly to their Tribesports profile.

To set up sharing with Tribesports go to the app’s Settings > Sharing settings > Tribesports. Enter your Tribesports username and password. Tribesports sharing is only available in the pro app.

Other updates made in the latest release include:

  • Cadence / footpod sensor support.
  • Heart rate, cadence and power data available on track review.
  • Tribesports activity sharing.
  • Improved elevation accuracy.
  • Sea kayaking, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding activities.
  • Improved Dutch language.
  • Various features optimized and improved.

Find out more about OutFront or download it from the App Store.

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