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Map My Tracks Festive ride 2016

During the festive break ten riders joined us to ride from London to Canterbury.

Our ride started with a train journey from Map My Tracks’ home town of Canterbury to London and from there we rode the 73 miles back to Canterbury.

Our ride started out of Stratford and soon picked up the country lanes south of London near Otford. Having started the ride in the fog it soon cleared to sunshine and a maximum temperature of 7 degrees Celsius.

After a coffee and cake stop at Maidstone we started on the home leg keeping to the Pilgrims Way up to the point that we hit black ice and three of us fell like skittles. That made the decision to deviate from our route a lot simpler and we headed for the A20 through Lenham and Charing. After that it was a straight run into Canterbury after the sun had set. Having started the ride at 10:30 we arrived in Canterbury at 17:00 ready for some well earned refreshments.

Thanks to all the riders that joined in on the Map My Tracks Festive Ride 2016 - @ash1, @kj, @paulkemp, @rachelcornish, @zoe_smith, @jonwilliamson, Dave, Rod, Paul and @Nick.

Interested in the route - check out the route details

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We are celebrating 1,000,000 amazing people

We can't believe it. This month, Map My Tracks has received its 1,000,000th registered user. That is a lot of amazing people that we have to thank.

Map My Tracks one million users

We thank each and every one of the million users for taking the time to try out the service. We thank you all for your support throughout the years to make Map My Tracks what it is today.

Back in 2007, we had a dream of creating a community based on the love of the outdoors. Its foundation was around using mobile phones to track your outdoor activities in real time for others to follow live. Back then, pre-iPhone/Android, we relied on some, now classic, Nokia phones to bridge to external GPS devices via Bluetooth. How we have come on!

Since that time, Map My Tracks has grown to be a thriving community of worldwide users who all share a passion for the outdoors. For the data-minded among us, we have put together a breakdown of the Map My Tracks ecosystem which goes to show that you are all stars.

We are always amazed at the variety of activities uploaded to Map My Tracks. Now, nearly 40% of all activities on Map My Tracks are tracked live from all corners of the world.

On a more personal note, I can’t thank the team behind Map My Tracks enough. We are a small team of three that punch well above our weight. We have a passion to exploit technology to make people’s lives more enjoyable. That, and our one million users, is what drives Map My Tracks forward each day.

So what’s next?
The Map My Tracks road map is always evolving. In the short term, there will be some notable updates to the Map My Tracks app. In the medium term, we plan to integrate Fitbit with Map My Tracks to sync data between the two services. In the long term, we plan to make Map My Tracks the home for another one million users.

Again, a million thanks to our amazing one million users.

Map My Tracks founder

Map My Tracks infographic

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