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Zonder Dollen

Amsterdamse sloeproeivereniging Zonder Dollen, roeisloep Bertha (dikke Bertha, de Brood boot).

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Earlier17 Sep - 23 SepLater

21.2Miles 03:34Duration 5.9Avg. speed 10:07Pace min/Mi -Calories

on 11 May 2018

5Miles 00:59Duration 5.1Avg. speed 11:49Pace min/Mi -Calories

Zonder Dollen says - Roeitijd 0:56:41

9.6Miles 01:55Duration 5Avg. speed 11:57Pace min/Mi -Calories
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about 11 months ago


Langweer, Netherlands on 30 Sep 2017

21.5Miles 04:53Duration 4.4Avg. speed 13:39Pace min/Mi -Calories
6.9Miles 01:34Duration 4.4Avg. speed 13:39Pace min/Mi -Calories
4.8Miles 01:26Duration 3.3Avg. speed 17:59Pace min/Mi -Calories

Muiden, Netherlands on 6 Nov 2016

4.9Miles 01:24Duration 3.5Avg. speed 17:05Pace min/Mi -Calories
5.2Miles 01:23Duration 3.7Avg. speed 16:07Pace min/Mi -Calories

Muiden, Netherlands on 5 Nov 2016

13.6Miles 02:47Duration 4.9Avg. speed 12:16Pace min/Mi -Calories

Amsterdam, Netherlands on 8 Oct 2016

9.7Miles 02:06Duration 4.6Avg. speed 12:59Pace min/Mi -Calories
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Zonder Dollen - roeitijd 01:52:46 uur, vermogen 75,22 Watt per roeier
about 1 year ago


Langweer, Netherlands on 1 Oct 2016


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