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3.4Miles 00:52Duration 3.9Avg. speed 15:21Pace min/Mi 292Calories

Walking near Ryde Great Britain on 18 Sep 2012

8.2Miles 120:50Duration 0.1Avg. speed 47:26Pace min/Mi 42819Calories

Cycling near Culver Cliff Great Britain on 2 Sep 2012

4.6Miles 00:29Duration 9.3Avg. speed 06:27Pace min/Mi 177Calories

Cycling near Ryde Great Britain on 17 Aug 2012

11.9Miles 01:25Duration 8.4Avg. speed 07:10Pace min/Mi 505Calories

Cycling near Mansfield Great Britain on 28 Mar 2012

6.9Miles 02:44Duration 2.5Avg. speed 24:01Pace min/Mi 730Calories

Walking near Freshwater Bay Great Britain on 24 Mar 2012

5.1Miles 00:34Duration 8.7Avg. speed 06:53Pace min/Mi 206Calories

Cycling near Isle Of Wight Community Healthcare NHS Trust Great Britain on 1 Mar 2012

2.5Miles 00:19Duration 7.5Avg. speed 07:59Pace min/Mi 117Calories

Cycling near Ventnor Great Britain on 26 Feb 2012

3.8Miles 00:32Duration 7Avg. speed 08:32Pace min/Mi 193Calories

Cycling near Ryde Great Britain on 25 Feb 2012

6Miles 00:42Duration 8.5Avg. speed 07:05Pace min/Mi 251Calories

Cycling near Ryde Great Britain on 23 Feb 2012

4.1Miles 01:52Duration 2.2Avg. speed 27:37Pace min/Mi 499Calories

Walking near Calbourne Great Britain on 19 Feb 2012

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