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Useful tools to establish power and heart rate performance metrics.

Power zones calculator

Setting cycling power zones allows athletes to structure their training more effectively by targeting specific intensity levels tailored to their fitness and goals. This approach ensures efficient use of time and energy, facilitating improvements in endurance, strength, and performance while minimizing the risk of overtraining or undertraining. By training within designated power zones, cyclists can optimize their workouts to achieve consistent progress and peak performance.

Power zones
Active recovery
VO2 max
Anaerobic capacity

Sweet spot
About power zones

Active Recovery: This zone is characterized by very low-intensity effort, ideal for promoting recovery between harder training sessions.

Endurance: The endurance zone involves moderate intensity, where you can sustain a steady effort for an extended period, building aerobic capacity and endurance.

Tempo: Tempo zone is moderately high-intensity efforts used to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness and increase lactate threshold.

Threshold: Threshold zone target efforts just below lactate threshold, enhancing the body's ability to sustain high-intensity exercise for longer durations.

VO2 Max: VO2 max zone is high-intensity efforts aimed at improving maximal oxygen consumption, crucial for peak athletic performance.

Anaerobic Capacity: This zone focuses on very high-intensity efforts, primarily utilizing anaerobic energy systems, to increase the body's ability to perform short bursts of intense activity.

Sweet Spot: The sweet spot is a moderately high-intensity zone just below threshold, where you can sustain a challenging effort while minimizing fatigue, often used for efficient training adaptations.

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