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Real-time GPS tracking for all sports

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  • Activity log - Record all your outdoor activities and workouts.
  • Achievements - Tally up all your achievements.
  • Live tracking - Share your progress live with friends, family or your coach.
  • Explore nearby activities - Find nearby routes to try out from other users.
  • Activity sharing - Share your activities with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Always in sync - Keep your activities in sync with auto uploading to
Map My Tracks OutFront
Map My Tracks OutFront

Who should use Map My Tracks?

Map My Tracks GPS tracking is perfect for sailors who want to better understand their day's racing and hone their skills.

It's a powerful training tool that provides immediate feedback to coaches, training partners or friends. It's also great for parents to watch their kids sailing, in real-time, from the water's edge.

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