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London to Paris 2012 training rides

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For the last two years Map My Tracks has been providing live tracking for the Hotchillee London to Paris event. June will see hundreds of cyclist enjoy rolling road closures all the way to Paris and in the past Map My Tracks has watched the event from the comfort of Map My Tracks HQ - but not this year.  Like all the other riders Team Map My Tracks will be on the road taking part in the event and enjoying the roller coaster ride from London to Paris.

While the event is still some way off the training has kicked in with the first Spring ride taking place on January 29. It’s a great chance for participants to get to know each other and get some base miles in as preparation for the main event in June.

With training now the main priority we thought it would be helpful to showcase how you can use Map My Tracks in the run up to the event to help get yourself in good shape. Here are a couple of the ways that you can stay motivated and keep in touch with fellow riders between each formal training ride.

Spring training rides

Each Spring training ride has been added to the HotChillee Training Ride event on Map My Tracks. The event is open to join and after each training ride it will feature a replay that lets participants compare their performance against others.

To include your ride in the replay first join the event and then upload your ride data to Map My Tracks. It’s possible to upload data from Garmin devices or from the one of the Map My Tracks apps.


General training rides

If you missed the training rider and you venturing out on your own then these too can be added to the L2P2012 hub on Map My Tracks. The L2P2012 Hub is a great way to share your rides, find other nearby riders. Best of all - the Hall of Fame will tally up your training miles!

To include your ride on the L2P2012 Hub simply upload your ride data to Map My Tracks and tag it with ‘L2P2012’. All tagged activities will appear on the hub and be included in the Hall of Fame that tallies each person’s total mileage.

With the event none only five months away it will be important to get the base training in place now so we hope to see some of those miles on Map My Tracks.

If you’re new to Map My Tracks and want upload your rides then register first. Once registered you can upload recorded ride data direct from Garmin devices or as GPX, TCX, FIT CRS and SRM files. If you want to stream, or record, your ride data with a mobile then you can use the Map My Tracks iPhone app OutFront or one of the apps available for other models.