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New feature - GPS track comparison

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GPS track comparisonTwo tracks on one screen, replayed together. Well that's what you asked for so we built it. Track comparison lets you choose any two tracks to replay together and compare their performance. For the first time, this new feature allows you to compare against your own earlier activity or better still have a virtual race against someone else! It's a great way of seeing if you've improved or just to compare against a buddy's tracks.

All the usual speed, distance, course and position are displayed for both tracks with the option to synchronise the starting positions so that you can get an accurate comparison.

Comparing GPS tracks is simple

First choose the two tracks to compare from the explore page and click ‘Compare tracks’ at the top and bottom of the list of tracks. The track comparison page overlays both tracks on one map. Synchronise the starting positions of each tracks by sliding the player controls for both tracks in position. Once synchronised, press play and watch both tracks replay together. As with all the tracks you can speed up the action.

GPS tracks comparison

GPS track comparison was a feature request from our users. Keep the requests coming so that we can make Map My Tracks even better.