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Introducing Map My Tracks Event Tracker at the Tour Down Under

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Live tracking is at the heart of everything that Map My Tracks does. It’s where Map My Tracks started some five years ago and the goal has always been to provide sports events with a viable mass tracking solution that is easy to use and engaging for spectators to watch online.

Today Map My Tracks officially launches the Event Tracker. To celebrate the launch the Event Tracker it is being used by UCI WorldTour team GreenEDGE in the Tour Down Under. Online spectators can watch a live stream of biometric data and real-time telemetry from the pro peloton and follow all the latest news from the event. Each rider’s heart rate, power, cadence and speed along with their position in the race all feature in the Event Tracker for online spectators to follow.

Map My Tracks Event Tracker works in conjunction with a range of supported mobile apps for sports tracking. During an event the Map My Tracks iPhone app, OutFront, captures and streams live data from each participant and broadcasts it live to the event tracker for spectators to follow, both online and via the app itself. As the tracking device is a mobile phone is makes using Map My Tracks Event Tracker the only viable tracking solution for mass participations sports events like sportives, marathons and regattas. There’s no need for specialist tracking devices, just a mobile phone with a compatible app from Map My Tracks. Cycling, running or sailing event organisers now have a way of showcasing their event live online while it takes place for online spectators around the world to follow.

Map My Tracks is a social network for sports enthusiasts where people share their training and workouts. As with all of its features there is a strong social theme to the Event Tracker. It’s an open system where event organisers can add their event and races themselves and participants opt in to be a part of the live event. It is as good to use in at professional event like the Tour Down Under or simply for a weekend run or training ride out with friends.

The Map My Tracks team have drawn on their experience of providing custom tracking solutions for Team Sky and sports events like the HotChillee London to Paris and the Cracknell - Walters E2E Record Attempt to provide an online experience that is an asset to participants, event organisers and online spectators.

Live tracking is just one side of it the Event Tracker. Each event can be replayed to provide second-by-second analysis of the action. Detailed statistics of an individual’s performance can be assessed and shared with friends, family or coaches.

The launch of the Event Tracker is timed to coincide with the start of the 2012 cycling, running and sailing season providing sportive, marathon and regatta organisers with a live tracking system that can include all of their participants, not just the elite athletes.

The pro cycling team, GreenEDGE,  will be one of the first to use the Map My Tracks Event Tracker in the Tour Down Under. Live tracking is available to watch online during the event from January 17 to January 22. Each race starts at 11:00 local time and a replay of the day’s action is available any time after the race finish.

For more information about the Map My Tracks Event Tracker, or custom event tracking solutions, contact the events team.