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Map My Tracks launches the official Tour of Britain Tracker app

We're thrilled to announce that Map My Tracks is, yet again, providing the Tour of Britain with live tracking and the official tour tracking app. The Tour of Britain is the first sports event to benefit from the Map My Tracks Event Tracker app and we can't wait to see how the fans use it. The official announcement is in full below.

Map My Tracks launches the official Tour of Britain Tracker app

Map My Tracks, the official tour tracking supplier to The Tour of Britain, is once again set to provide live online and mobile coverage of this year’s Tour of Britain. Map My Tracks has launched the official Tour of Britain Tracker app which will feature live tracking of each of the eight stages, latest news from the race, results of the day’s action and all the social buzz from around the web.

Starting from Peebles on 15th September, The Tour of Britain is the UK’s largest professional bicycle race and is one of the highlights of the British sporting calendar, being the country’s largest free-to-watch live sporting event. With the addition of an iOS/Android and web app from Map My Tracks the tour can now be followed by fans on any connected device.

The Map My Tracks Tour of Britain Tracker will be an essential tool for fans and spectators to stay up to date on the riders’ real-time progress over each of the stages. The app features interactive route maps, details of all the climbs and sprints and is a great way to work out where the best road-side vantage points are. For the duration of the event, Map My Tracks will be tracking the race live and broadcasting the riders’ progress for spectators to follow on the app.

Mick Bennett, Tour of Britain Race Director, said: “We are very happy to be continuing our partnership with Map My Tracks and excited by the launch of the new app.  This will allow fans to follow the action in the tenth anniversary Tour wherever they are.”

Nick Tatt, Founder of Map My Tracks, said: “We’re thrilled to be supporting such a prestigious event for the second year running. Last year was a great success so we wanted to come back again with something new for fans. The all-new Map My Tracks Tour of Britain Tracker has something for everyone - all the facts and figures from the race together with live tracking and also a KoM challenge.”

First launched in 2007, Map My Tracks has pioneered the use of mobile phones to stream live performance telemetry for sports like cycling and running. Avid cyclists and runners use Map My Tracks around the world to log their rides. With the introduction of the Map My Tracks Event Tracker, at this year’s Tour of Britain, sports event organisers now have a viable app solution to use at any sports event to help bring their event alive online.

Tatt added: “It’s long been our aim to provide sports event organisers with an event tracker that is flexible, robust and easy to set up and we can’t wait to see how the fans use the Tour of Britain Tracker.”

Map My Tracks OutFront, the same app as used by amateur cyclists around the world, will be used to track the pro bunch live throughout the Tour of Britain. This year Map My Tracks are also challenging cyclists around the UK to ride the climbs of the tour to then compare their performance against the pro riders in the race.

Segments of each SKODA King of the Mountains climbs have been created on Map My Tracks for amateurs to cover before the pro riders pass over them. Map My Tracks will be timing the pro riders covering the same climbs at race pace and posting the times for fans to compare against.  A full list of the climbs covered during the Tour of Britain is on Map My Tracks.

To download the official app search for ‘Tour of Britain 2013’ in the App Store and Google Play or visit the web app online for more information and download links.

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Segment curators required

Following the introduction of segments to Map My Tracks last week we've been thrilled at the feedback from our the Map My Tracks community. Map My Tracks segments

There are plenty of features to come that relate to segments and GPS timing in general and we’ll keep you up to date on all new features through the Map My Tracks blog but for now we are looking for segment curators.

To make segments more relevant to your local area we are looking for segment curators. As a segment curator you’ll know your local area inside out. You’ll know what routes are popular and what routes are safe for others to cover and set them up on Map My Tracks.

We have already started to create popular segments based around our HQ in Canterbury, UK and with the help of segment curators we want to provide relevant segments where you are.

If you are keen to get involved post a comment below or send us an email to support [at]

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Compete against yourself, your friends and others on Map My Tracks segments

We are super excited to be able to peel back the covers on another new feature on Map My Tracks. Today we are launching Map My Tracks segments. Segments let you measure and compare your own performance or compete against your friends over any stretch of ground. Segments can be thought of as virtual speed traps that measure the time taken to cover them. Any time you cover a segment your performance is ranked against your previous efforts and also against anyone else that has covered it. Map My Tracks segments

Segments are timed sections on roads, off-road or over water and are great for sports like cycling, running, swimming, rowing, sailing and many others. They provide an easy way to time your progress over a set route and compare your performance against others.

One of the great features of Map My Tracks segments is that they can be used to cover simple short sections like sprints and climbs or long complex courses like time trial courses or regular training routes. In both cases a full leader board of everyone’s performance it automatically created to compare your performance.

Segments come with their own set of achievements. Achievements are gained for personal bests, pole positions for both men and women across different sports. Each time you cover a segment your relative position in the leader board is measured and ranked. At a glance, you can see how you performed against your own previous efforts and everyone else who has covered the segment.

It wouldn’t be fair to compare a running activity against a cycling activity across a segment so the leader boards are split across different sports. Each leader board also ranks your performance against just your friends. It’s a great way to help keep you motivated to try harder.

Some already popular segments include:
Knoll Hill
Upper Road, Dover
New Dover Road, Canterbury
Fowlmead 10m Q10/42

How to create a segment
Segments are created from activities that have route data. New segments are easy to create.

  • First open the activity that includes the segment you wish to create.
  • Click on Actions > Create new segment to load the create segment tools.
  • Zoom into the area that includes the segment then click on the position along the route that represents the start point of the segment.
  • Once a segment start has been set then set the segment finish point.
  • Give the segment a useful name to help identify it and click ‘Save’.

This creates the segment and scans the activity to populate the leader board.

How to scan old activities
Activities are scanned for segments when they are first uploaded or synced to the site. If you want to scan old activities then:

  • First open the activity to scan.
  • Click on Actions > Scan for segments.
  • This will scan the activity for any segments, including new segments, available along the route taken. All matching segments will be presented under the Achievements section on the page with links to the segment leader board.

How can you use Map My Tracks segments

Cycling time trials
Map My Tracks segment are great for time trials. A virtual leader board for the time trial course is automatically created and features anyone that has covered the course.  Simply create a segment of the time trial course then any time Map My Tracks users upload their ride data it will be automatically ranked on a leader board for all time, this month, week or day. The Fowlmead 10m Q10/42 has been set up and is logging the performance of anyone on Map My Tracks that covers the course.

Cycling and running hill climbs and sprints
Map My Tracks segments making timing your progress up a climb or on a sprint section super simple. Create segments of key climbs and sprints along training routes to keep a record of your performance and compare against friends.
View example

Regular training routes for all sports
Map My Tracks segments can be used over long distance training routes. A segment of your whole route lets you keep a leader board of your own performance over that route. It’s a great way to benchmark your performance over time.

Map My Tracks segments make is simple to monitor the performance of rowers across any stretch of water. Segments can be created for training sessions on rivers or lakes. Each time the data from the training session is uploaded the performance is added to the rowing segment’s leader board.

There are plenty of other uses for Map My Tracks segment but we’ll leave it up to you, our users, to take advantage of them as you need to.

Tips for successful segments
Segments are a great way to keep motivated and try to improve your performance. In providing segments Map My Tracks does not endorse or encourage irresponsible action on the part of our users. Map My Tracks users should obey all traffic controls and signage, comply with all applicable traffic laws and not endanger themselves or other road users.

When creating segments:

  • Do not create segments with busy junctions.
  • Do not create segments in built up areas with lots of traffic calming.

We can’t wait to see how you use the Map My Tracks segments and hope you like the new feature.

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Follow The London-Paris 2013 live on Map My Tracks

image Starting June 20 there will be 450 riders making their way by bike from London to Paris. Map My Tracks Event Tracker will be tracking the three day event and presenting live action of each group live online and also on the Map My Tracks OutFront iPhone app.

Six groups are starting out and their progress is being tracked live by Map My Tracks for spectators to follow as the riders pedal their way to Paris.

This year the Map My Tracks London Paris 2013 event tracker includes more ways to follow the event online and includes statistics highlighting the achievements of each group. Just like a standard Map My Tracks Event any rider can join the event to include their progress by using one of the Map My Tracks apps. For riders wanting to track their rides we recommend using Map My Tracks Endurance for Android or Map My Tracks OutFront for iPhone in conjunction with Wahoo extended battery pack.

Each day online spectators can follow the peloton’s progress on Map My Tracks or through the Map My Tracks OutFront app. Here’s how to get set up to follow each group on OutFront.

Follow L2P2013 live on an iPhone

First download Map My Tracks OutFront from the App Store and create a free user account via the app.

Then tap ‘Activities’ then tap the cog icon in the bottom right corner.

Then in the search bar type and search for ‘l2p2012’.

This will display a column of all the rider’s activities. To save the column tap the cog in the top right.

Then finally tap ‘Add to Wall’ to include this on the Activity Wall in the app.

Once added tap back twice and you’ll have a new option to quickly browse all the L2P2013 tagged activities. During the event the live progress of each group will be listed here each day.

From here you can follow the progress of each group live on the iPhone.

To get started and set up download Map My Tracks OutFront from the App Store.


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Find, join and track in events direct from within OutFront for Android

If you’re participating in an event that’s using Map My Tracks it’s now possible to get all the event and route details direct to your phone. This update makes it super simple to download and follow routes from within the app. It makes tracking live in an event even easier.

The new events section of the app features current, upcoming, past and nearby events.

Each event has it’s own profile featuring the different routes available and options to join the event and activate live tracking when the event takes place.

All the individual race details including distance, maximum gradient and elevation as well as the total ascent for the route.

Having joined an event it’s possible to then follow the route from within the tracking section of OutFront. There’s now no excuse to get lost out on route.

We’re thrilled to have this update available for a number of upcoming events hosted by Action Challenge, Action Medical Research and Threshold Sports. All are using Map My Tracks to present their event routes and provide tracking for their participants. 

At present, these features are only available in OutFront for Android but the iPhone app will be getting these soon.

OutFront for Android can be downloaded from Google Play.

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Hall of fame on Hubs get serious

One of the great features on Map My Tracks is how everyone can explore their surrounding area for new routes and find other users to share their activities with. It’s long been our aim to make this as one of the key features of Map My Tracks.

With that in mind we are delighted to announce that Map My Tracks Hubs have received a major update that makes is super simple to explore routes and find friends around where you live.

Hubs are available for places (eg. Canterbury), activity types (eg. running, cycling), friends and tags. Each Hub features a Hall of Fame leader board showing the top 10 users by distance and elevation. On top of that all users are ranked according to their position in the Hub for that period. It makes is great to compare how you fare against friends or to find out if you best in your area.

The Hubs have been rebuilt from the ground up resulting in a faster, lighter and more responsive experience that is available across mobile, tablet and desktop. It’s the first of many pages that are being re-engineered to be compatible with mobile devices.

Some cool things to do on Hubs

Compare your activities against your friends (or everyone) – Hubs let you see how your friends are doing and ranks you against them by distance or elevation.

Check how you do on the hills – All Hubs feature your total elevation gain so you can boost about doing more your friends or other Map My Track users.

Some useful ways to use Hubs

Sports clubs – Clubs can use Hubs to gather together all club member activities. Simply use an official club tag and a Hub is created showcasing everyone’s activities.

Sports events – If you are in an event with friends then tag your activities and see all your activities together and compare your stats.

We hope you like the new features.

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djw92 wins the March Miles Challenge

Yet again, the March Miles Challenge has proved to be a hard won challenge. Congratulations to djw92 for completing a massive 1623km and topping the leader board this year. This year saw a total of 13,265 kilometers pedaled in total.

Huge congratulations go to all of the participants for the impressive effort involved in completing so many miles.

Everyone that has participated also receives a March Miles badge for their profile to remind them of the miles ridden in all weathers. We know it’s been super cold for some of the challengers.

We can’t thank you all enough for taking part in what is the first of many challenges we have planned. It’s been fascinating to watch the challenge unfold through March and we hope that everyone has enjoyed putting in some early season miles and made some friends along the way.

We’ll be giving you a rest through April but if you are up for another challenge it won’t be long until May is here.

Well done to all that took part. Keep safe on the roads.

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Upload Wattbike sessions to Map My Tracks

We're always keen to add support for different devices or data types on Map My Tracks. So when one of the Team Map My Tracks riders from last year's London to Paris started using a Wattbike we jumped as the chance to add support for the Wattbike data files.

We are pleased to announce that from today all Wattbike users can upload their workout sessions direct to Map My Tracks.

It’s super simple to upload your Wattbike session data and once uploaded the activity viewer makes is easy to analyse the session data and keep track of your performance. To upload your session data to Map My Tracks

  • first transfer your session to the Wattbike Expert Software from Wattbike’s on board computer;
  • then use the Export to ACSII option under the File menu to export a .dat file of your session;
  • and finally, upload the .dat file to Map My Tracks.

The .dat file can be uploaded manually just like any other file type (eg. fit, tcx, srm, gpx, crs) or through your personal Map My Tracks email dropbox as an attachment to an email.
File upload options

In either case, the data is imported and available to analyse in detail in the activity viewer.
Wattbike session

The activity viewer includes detailed analysis of power, cadence, heart rate.
Wattbike session

For those that like to compare heartrate, power, cadence and more in one place then the cross data analysis lets you examine all the data together.
Wattbike session

We hope you like the new addition. It would like to find out more about Wattbike and how it can help improve your fitness and riding then check out their website for more information.

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Map My Tracks is 500,000 users strong and we’re celebrating with a give away

This weekend we’ll see the half a millionth user account created on Map My Tracks. That’s a big number and an equally big moment for us. This huge milestone has been fast approaching and we expect it to be reached over this weekend.

To the 500,000 people that have taken the time to use Map My Tracks we thank you half a million times. Your passion has driven our passion and has helped to make Map My Tracks the service it is today. You’ve biked, run, walked, sailed and skied hundreds of thousands of miles and burned just as many calories along the way. It’s quite incredible just how active you all are.

We can’t let this moment pass with celebrating which is why we’ll be giving away a spanking new Nexus 4 mobile phone to the lucky person that ends up as the 500,000th user.

We can’t be sure when we’ll breach the half a million mark but we do know it will be in the next couple of days so if you have friends who have yet to try out Map My Tracks then now a good time to invite them to join. Get them to download the app and register. You never, they might be the one!

With this milestone about to be breached it’s right that we take a moment to look back at what we have achieved. This past year has seen a lot of changes to Map My Tracks and there is plenty more to planned for 2013.

Some of our more notable achievements over the past year include:

  • Android app launched
  • Training plans launched
  • Map My Tracks Ad Network launched
  • Map My Tracks PLUS accounts launched

We can’t wait to welcome our 500,000th user. Who will it be? If it turns out to be you we’ll be in touch.

In the meantime, if you want to say Hi to the team or have any questions you can follow us on Map My Tracks - @Nick, @Rob, @Andrew and @GlynM.

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Team Sky Launch New Training App Powered by Map My Tracks

image The official Team Sky Cycling app for iPhone, which allows riders to record, monitor and analyse their training just like the pro riders, launches today.

Created in partnership with Team Sky’s official supplier, Map My Tracks, the free Team Sky Cycling app uses the latest in GPS live tracking technology to allow fans as well as Team Sky pro riders to track and share their rides live for others to follow on the web.

With the ability to connect to ANT+ devices such as SRM or Powertap power meters, riders will also be able to stream live power, cadence, heart rate, speed, elevation and other performance data to coaches via the Map My Tracks cloud network. Each heartbeat, pedal stroke, mile and watt produced can be monitored to provide riders, and coaches alike, with a unique real-time performance overview.

Map My Tracks’ training and fitness apps extend beyond individual rider solutions. Coaches, teams and sports event organisers can monitor, broadcast and share real-time biometric data from any number of participants in an event live on the web. From club rides to World Tour races, the Map My Tracks event app tracking get online fans closer to the action than ever before.

First launched in 2007, Map My Tracks has, for over five years, pioneered the use of mobile phones to record and stream live performance telemetry for sports like cycling and running. Map My Tracks has sports enthusiasts streaming activities live from over 190 countries and provides event organisers with live GPS tracking solutions for cycle races, sailing regattas and running events.

Fran Millar, Head of Business Operations, from Team Sky said: “Giving our fans access to training and tracking technology with Map My Tracks is a great way for them to get an insight into Team Sky and how our riders prepare throughout the year. The app also encourages riders of all levels to analyse and record their own data and then share their results with fellow cyclists.”

Nick Tatt, founder of Map My Tracks said: “We have worked hard with Team Sky to ensure the Team Sky Cycling app is easy to use and will help people with their training.”

Tatt continued: “The app takes advantage of our very latest live tracking technology which lets friends and family follow a rider’s progress live and comment on their performance as they hit the climbs. With the addition of live heart rate, power and cadence it makes the Team Sky training app an obvious training accessory to take on any ride.”

To download the free Team Sky Cycling app, please visit the App Store or search ‘Team Sky Cycling’.

For Android users - has been better optimised for mobile web browsers so you can always keep up to date with the team and the training portion of the app by Map My Tracks can be downloaded from Google Play.

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