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Hide sensitive locations with privacy zones

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Although it is not recommended, you may wish to start tracking from work or from home. To prevent any security ramifications, you can now set up privacy zones to hide these sensitive locations from appearing on your activity maps.

Your activity within a privacy zone is hidden from other users and only displayed to you. These zones will apply to all types of activities (e.g. cycling, running, walking).

The privacy zones apply across a number of features across Map My Tracks. For example, if another user:

After an new activity is completed, a static map is generated. This static map will appear in lists of activities and will take into account any privacy zones you have created.

What other users see
What you see

Don’t forget - you can always set your activity to private to hide the entire route!

Creating a privacy zone
Once logged in, you can create a privacy zone via the privacy page in your settings.

A privacy zone requires the following details:

Note - it is advised you don’t position the centre of the zone exactly on the sensitive location, for example, your house. (This prevents people from calculating the centre point where numerous routes appear blocked)

Managing privacy zones
You can view your current privacy zones on the privacy page in your settings. From here you can create more privacy zones or delete current zones, should you deem them unnecessary.