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Upload TCX, FIT, CRS and SRM files to Map My Tracks

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We love it when we can bring our users good news and especially when it can help to save some time. Today we have extended the range of file formats that can be uploaded to Map My Tracks which means that there is now no need to convert everything to a GPX file before it can be added to Map My Tracks.

TCX, FIT, CRS and SRM have been added to the existing GPX file formats supported on Map My Tracks. Files can be manually uploaded through the site or by using the Map My Tracks email dropbox that all users have. Either way, the activities are uploaded and added to your profile.

Uploading files is easy. You can upload files from My Activities, by email to your dropbox or through the profile section. First choose the file upload option.


Then attached the file, set the activity type, let everyone know how you got on and tag it if needed.


As with all activities you can choose who can see it. Public activities mean everyone can see how you got on but if want to keep it private then set it to for your eyes only.

We’ve added these file types by popular request so if you’d like us to add other file types then email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and let us know. Send us some sample files and we’ll do our best to add them into the mix of supported files.

Hope you enjoy the new feature.