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OutFront 2.2 for iphone adds support for ANT+ power devices, zones and more

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Every once and while we are able to bring news of some great new features and today is one such occasion. With the latest update of OutFront for iPhone now available to download from the App Store we are pleased to say that cyclists using ANT+ enabled power devices can throw away their old head units and replace them with their OutFront.

Map My Tracks OutFront 2.2 extends the range of ANT+ enabled devices that it is compatible with and adds power in the mix, as well as heart rate, cadence and speed to give cyclists a full set of metrics to monitor and broadcast live on the web.

As the iPhone doesn’t come bundled with its own ANT+ sensors you’ll need to use third-party hardware like the Wahoo Fitness sensors that makes the bridge between the devices on the bike and the iPhone. Once set up they make monitoring the extra data a breeze. If you have not already looked into using heart rate, cadence or power in your workouts then now is a good time to start.

Also bundled into this version of the app are some new features for all users to benefit from. They include:

Distribution zones

Available on all speed, heart rate, cadence and power data the distribution zones show your workout intensity.

To view the zones first open all the workout data then tap the side arrow on speed, cadence, heart rate or power data cell and choose distribution.

ANT+ compatibility

ANT+ power devices has been added to the family of third-party hardware that OutFront is compatible with. To connect with ANT+ enabled devices first get hold of the Wahoo Fitness sensors then through the setting pages connect each one to the app. Once it’s done the app stores the connect so you don’t have to do it again.

iOS5 users have the added benefit of the ANT+ sensors continuing to work while the app is running in the background. That’s new to iOS5 so if you are not running that version please remember to keep the app active. It’s fine to out the phone to sleep but make sure the app is not in the background.

Custom primary display

We know it’s handy to be able to scroll through the workout stats during an activity. It’s been possible to do this on the secondary data bar for a while so we added a scroll to the primary display as well. You can set the default to suit your workout in the setting section and then scroll through to other data during the activity.

OS map option

Our users in Britain will be able to switch to OS map tiles. That’s handy when off-road and the detail on the other map options is not as detailed as you’d like. It you’re not in the UK you won’t have that option but you can still switch between street and satellite maps.

Various other fixes and improvements are also included in this release so if you haven’t yet upgraded please do so now. The update is free to existing users.

We hope you like the new features and as ever, please let us know what you think of the update.

Download or update Map My Tracks OutFront for iPhone from the App Store.