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New feature: Weekly summaries made easy for distance, duration, calories and activities

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imageUnderstanding what training you have done and how you are getting on is vital for improving your performance. That's why we have added a weekly summary of all the key stats to the user's profiles.

The statistics bar provides a summary of the total distance, duration, calories burned and number of activities for any given week. It makes it super simple to better understand the extent of activities that have been done this week or any previous week.


Each total is supported by a full breakdown for each day’s activities. Say, for example, you have done two rides on Monday the total milage for that day gets displayed on the bar chart. You can also check the duration and see how many calories you burned for each day. It makes it easy to see the effort that has been made and better judge your training.

This new feature, coupled with the weekly summary email, means that you get an at-a-glance picture of your activities. We hope you like the new addition. Please let us know if you’d like to see other additions to the site. We are always happy to hear what you would find useful.