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New feature: take-away embeddable columns

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imageWe have recently added a new widget or two and today we are pleased to announce the addition of embeddable activity wall columns to the set. In short, you can now take any column you create away with you to use on your own website or blog.

The public activity wall is a great way to explore activities on your doorstep or around the world. It lets you create columns that display the latest activities by activity type, user, country, place, favourites or by keyword search. Using columns can help you keep tabs on activities around you or by any activity type that you participant in. Into cycling? Create a cycling column to follow. Live in the UK? Create a column for all UK activities. Now you can take any one of these columns away with you to use on a blog or website.

Embedding a column is simple

To take a column away with you simply grab the code to use on your website. Each column has it’s own button to grab the code needed.


Click on the embed button and copy the code to your own blog or website. It’s that simple.


Customising your columns couldn’t be easier

To add a new column to your personalised activity wall click on ‘Add column’ then select the column to add or enter a keyword search term.


Once you have added a column you can grab the embed code to use on your own blog.

To give you an idea of how it looks, we have embedded the latest activities column in the sidebar of this blog page.

Handy uses of embeddable columns

Here are a few ideas for using embeddable columns.

We’re sure that you can think of many more. If you do take a column away with you do tell us how you are using it. We’d love to hear about it.