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New feature: Street View and Google Earth fly-through bring your activities to life

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On Map My Tracks it's long been possible to watch or replay activities on a map with a bird's eye view of the action and today we are pleased to announce that Google Earth and Street View has been added to the set.

With the addition of Street View and Google Earth to Map My Tracks it is now easier to appreciate the surrounding terrain for an activity and get a first-person view of the road ahead. One of the really exciting features of using Street View is that, now for the first time, it’s possible to see the road ahead as users carry out their activities live. It’s as if your riding or running with them as they do their activity. Street View works great for all road-based activities and Google Earth can be used to get a 3D fly through of the action.

To switch on Street View or Google Earth first load up an activity then click on the map options.

Select either Street View or Google Earth or both if you want the full experience.

Street View

Google Earth 3D fly-through
If you have not already installed the Google Earth plugin you’ll need to do this once before the Google Earth view appears.

We’re really excited about being able to add both Street View and Google Earth to Map My Tracks and we’re looking forward to getting a new insight into everyone’s activities. We hope you like the new additions and, as ever, do let us know what you think.