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Map My Tracks launches Hubs for sports events, teams and clubs

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Hubs are a fast easy way to bring live tracking to an event, race, team or group and best of all Hubs are free to use. They are perfect for events and groups of all sizes and require no website set up and no registration - just tag your activities and your done.

Hubs make is super simple for event organisers, sports clubs, team or groups to track their participants or members live for online spectators to follow. To create a Hub for your event, club or team simply decide on a tag, tell everyone about it and have them sync or upload their activities on Map My Tracks with the tag.

Find out more about how to create your own Map My Tracks Hub.

Why use Map My Tracks Hubs?


We’re looking forward to seeing how Hubs get used. If you need a more comprehensive tracking solution for your event or race contact the events team and we’ll put together a dedicated solution for your event.