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Map My Tracks gets a iCalendar activity feed

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iCal feedWe are always looking for ways to make it easy for you to re-use the information within your Map My Tracks profiles. That's why we have added an iCalendar feed of all your activities. Every activity is added to a personal iCalendar feed that you can subscribe to with an iCalendar-compatible calendar program.

The personal iCalendar feed is available on your ‘My activities’ page and includes details of when each activity was done along with a breakdown of how you got on. Here’s how it looks if you subscribe to it on an iPhone.

The iCalendar format is compatible with a range of calendar apps like Google Calendar, Apple iCal or Outlook. Each time you add an activity to your profile on Map My Tracks your iCalendar feed is updated with the details and populates your calendars with the activity.

This small, but useful, update gives you another way to monitor your activities carried out on Map My Tracks.

Hope you enjoy using it.