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Map My Tracks Android v4

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Map My Tracks Android V4

We’re thrilled to announce that a major new update to the Map My Tracks Android app is now available to download from Google Play.

What’s new? Well, lots!

We’ve been busy making sure that the app in general is much faster to use when browsing around. You’ll notice that maps load faster and that pages now include an infinite scroll that means you can easily browse more of your history or your friend’s activities. Some subtle changes to the page layouts mean everything is clearer and easier to read.

We’ve also made sure that the app stays in sync your website history. Now, if you upload activities to the website your phone stays in sync without needing to manually download it. This works great if you have connected your account to Garmin Connect or Fitbit. All the activities synced from these services automatically appear in the app on your phone keeping everything in one place.

Photos take center stage. When you pin a photo to an activity it will show in your profile and activity feed instead of the route map.

Other all round improvements make this version faster and even easier to use.

We hope you enjoy the update.