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Map My Tracks add hashtag and @name support

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Map My Tracks now supports the widely accepted standards for linking to other users and tagging content. From today, website users can add '@' links and hashtags to activity notes and comments to automatically link to other people's profiles or to groups of tagged activities.


The introduction of these features make is easy to link to friend’s on Map My Tracks and group activities together from events or training sessions.

They are as easy to use as they are on services like Twitter and work in just the same way. For example the hashtag of #marchmiles links through to a hub featuring all the activities using the tag and also include a distance tally from any user using the tag. Likewise @Nick links through to Nick’s profile page.

At the moment this is only available on the website but the next release of OutFront will include this as well.

It’s a simple but powerful addition to Map My Tracks and one that we hope you like.