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Latest activities widget added to sharing options

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One of the more frequent requests is a way to embed the latest activity done on people's own websites or blogs. In response to popular demand we have added a new widget that makes it super simple to embed details of your latest activity on your blog or website. What's more it will highlight when you are live so that your friends or family can easily follow your progress.

How to use the widget?

As with all our widgets you are in complete control over your privacy. The widget will only ever display the latest public activity that you have done.

To use it you will first need to enable the ‘Latest activity’ widget within your profile.


Once enabled you can set the width of the widget to match the column width of your blog or website.


Simply enter the width then copy and paste the code to your site. It’s that simple.

By way of an example, my own latest activity together with weekly and total distances is below.


We hope you enjoy using the new widget. As ever, keep the suggestions and comments coming in.