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Follow The London-Paris 2013 live on Map My Tracks

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image Starting June 20 there will be 450 riders making their way by bike from London to Paris. Map My Tracks Event Tracker will be tracking the three day event and presenting live action of each group live online and also on the Map My Tracks OutFront iPhone app.

Six groups are starting out and their progress is being tracked live by Map My Tracks for spectators to follow as the riders pedal their way to Paris.

This year the Map My Tracks London Paris 2013 event tracker includes more ways to follow the event online and includes statistics highlighting the achievements of each group. Just like a standard Map My Tracks Event any rider can join the event to include their progress by using one of the Map My Tracks apps. For riders wanting to track their rides we recommend using Map My Tracks Endurance for Android or Map My Tracks OutFront for iPhone in conjunction with Wahoo extended battery pack.

Each day online spectators can follow the peloton’s progress on Map My Tracks or through the Map My Tracks OutFront app. Here’s how to get set up to follow each group on OutFront.

Follow L2P2013 live on an iPhone

First download Map My Tracks OutFront from the App Store and create a free user account via the app.

Then tap ‘Activities’ then tap the cog icon in the bottom right corner.

Then in the search bar type and search for ‘l2p2012’.

This will display a column of all the rider’s activities. To save the column tap the cog in the top right.

Then finally tap ‘Add to Wall’ to include this on the Activity Wall in the app.

Once added tap back twice and you’ll have a new option to quickly browse all the L2P2013 tagged activities. During the event the live progress of each group will be listed here each day.

From here you can follow the progress of each group live on the iPhone.

To get started and set up download Map My Tracks OutFront from the App Store.