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Your very own personalised heat map on Map My Tracks is now available to explore.

Map My Tracks heat maps

The Map My Tracks heat map provides an overview of all your activities to show where you’ve been in the past. It’s a great way to explore your history of activities and remind your of the places you have been.

We’ve included options for you to explore your heat map by year and each activity type you do.

Your heat map can only be seen by you as they include both public and private activities that you have uploaded to Map My Tracks. By default, the heat map will not include any activities that start or finish within any privacy zone but there are options to override this to see all your activities. Keep in mind, that if you choose to share a screenshot of your heat map with your privacy zone data visible then it may disclose sensitive locations.

To view your own heat map login to Map My Tracks then choose Heat map from the main dropdown menu.

Heat maps are available for PLUS members. If you would like to view your own heat map then please upgrade to PLUS and your heat map will be available immediately.

We hope you enjoy browsing your heat map.